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Friday, January 16, 2009

Where is George Robert 'Skip' Zelaya?

Unfortunately, there were no surveillance cameras outside the mall, leaving detectives with no solid proof that Skip had parked his vehicle there. Investigators conducted a search of the area and brought in a cadaver dog to assist them; however, they were unable to find any indication that Skip was in the area.

According to a journal that Skip's now-deceased brother, Joe Zelaya, maintained during Skip's disappearance, he received an interesting clue in the mail on January 25, 2005. His journal entry read in part ... Read more about this case at
The Mysterious Disappearance of George Robert "Skip" Zelaya

Missing George Robert 'Skip' Zelaya

The link to a pdf format printable poster can be found on
National Center for Missing Adults

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Anonymous said...

Zelaya, 61, disappeared from Homosassa, Florida on January 13, 2005. In January 2015, his remains were found unburied in the woods in Homosassa, 150 feet offroad and only about 1,500 feet from Zelaya's home. He was identified in February 2016. Zelaya's death is under investigation and suicide is thought to be the most likely explanation.
Source Information:
The Citrus County Chronicle