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Friday, January 9, 2009

Rest in Peace ~Alexis Glover~

WOODBRIDGE, Va. - Investigators have found the body of a missing 13-year-old developmentally disabled girl's body in Woodbridge Friday afternoon, police said.
It was found near the Old Hickory Golf Club, off Asdee Lane.

Investigators have been searching for the body of 13-year-old Alexis Glover, who disappeared after leaving the Central Library in Manassas on Wednesday.
Missing Girl's Body Found in Woodbridge

Alexis was found Friday 7.9 miles from where she disappeared, Prince William County police Maj. Ray Colgan said.

Chief Deane told reporters Friday night that it appears the girl was slain. He said the circumstances surrounding the case point to a homicide, but would not elaborate.
Chief: Girl likely murdered

Written by Tom Hunsicker
9NEWS NOW and wusa9.com
The adoptive mother of Alexis Glover has been arrested and is charged with felony child neglect and filing a false police report.

Earlier Tuesday, Prince William County Police searched the house of Alfreedia Leona Gregg-Glover looking for clues into her adopted daughter's death. At around 10:00pm Tuesday night, Alexis Glover's adoptive mother was arrested. She is currently behing held without bond.

Police believe that Alexis Glover was murdered at an unknown location, and her body was dumped in Woodbridge. As of now, no murder charges have been filed in Glover's death.
Arrest Made In Alexis Glover Murder Case


Anonymous said...

this was mi best friend. i loved her she was lik mi baby sister i tryed 2 help her with anything she needed. she wrote me letters and she told me i was her big sister. i HATE HATE who ever did this to her. i never say i hate someone but i HATE this person.
R.I.P Mi baby sister (Alexis Glover) I love u i will never forget you.

mammabear said...

I HOPE you come back to read this!!!
I am so sorry you lost your best friend! It should have NEVER happened! NEVER!
I am guessing that since Alexis is your best friend, and she was only 13, that you are about the same age.
Do you have somebody you can talk to? I am SURE this is not easy for you to deal with, and I'd hate to think that you are trying to handle with this by yourself. So please, talk to your parents, a teacher that you trust, a counselor at school, a trusted family friend....if none of these ideas are good for you, feel free to contact me. I am not a professional counselor or anything like that, but I can help look for resources that would be helpful to you.
~a special prayer for you~

Andrew turner said...

Yea she rode my bus and she always said her mom was abusive but we never thought anything this could happen....

Devedre Slaughter said...

I don't understand why the teropist are not being held accountible sad