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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Monday4 the Missing ~Roxanne Paltauf~

Catching my attention when I first opened her myspace page, was the profile picture.
Oppressive dark clouds swirl and loom threateningly above a single billboard, that cries out
A profile picture isn't something I'd normally mention, but this picture in particular speaks volumes.
Among the clouds that suggest storm, there is one cloud parting way, making room for a tiny sliver of light. A sliver that I believe represents hope, for family members who have been searching for Roxanne Paltauf (myspace).

Identifying Characteristics
Double pierced ears, pierced navel, quarter size scar on left knee, mole on right side of neck, false upper front tooth, previously fractured nose.
National Center for Missing Adults

On July 7, 2006, Roxanne Paltauf, 18, disappeared from the Budget Inn hotel in Austin, Texas. According to Roxanne's mother, Elizabeth Harris, Roxanne had been staying at the hotel with her boyfriend. The couple had checked in together with plans of celebrating their two-year anniversary. Unfortunately, the celebration was to be short lived.

"I spoke with Roxanne the night she disappeared and she said she would be home the following day," Elizabeth said in a recent email. "I did not like her boyfriend, he was no good for her and she knew it. He is 12 years older than her and exceptionally controlling of women."

The following day, Roxanne's boyfriend called her mom and asked her if she had seen Roxanne. He allegedly told Elizabeth that they had an argument the previous night and that Roxanne had walked out of the hotel room and left all of her belongings behind.

"He stated that he went after her and she said leave me alone," Elizabeth said. "He said he walked away and went back to room to cool down before going out to look for her again, but was unable to find her. That was almost 20 months ago. The only thing we have to go on is what he had told us."

Despite their best efforts, the Austin Police Department has been unable to find any clues that might suggest what happened to Roxanne. Nonetheless, her mother refuses to give up and continues to do everything she can to get the word out. Elizabeth was able to get America's Most Wanted to bring national attention to the case last year and she recently convinced Regan Advertising to donate billboard space. As a result, Roxanne's photo and information has been appearing on billboards throughout the Austin area. Roxanne's mother has also been using the Internet to help spread the word, by making sure Roxanne's photo is available on every Web site that is dedicated to the missing.

"She did not leave her family on her own accord," Elizabeth said. "Someone has taken her and as her mother, it is my duty to find the truth. I still investigate every outlet I can and I will not stop until my Roxanne is found."
Roxanne Paltauf

Missing Persons Clearinghouse
Texas Department of Public Safety
P O Box 4087
Austin, Texas 78773-0422
Phone: (512) 424-5074
Helpline: (800) 346-3243

Vid of AMW's Michelle Sigona Discussing the case


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