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Friday, January 30, 2009

~Diane Wolf~ of Pa. Missing for ten years!

Date of Birth: 1953-05-19
Date Missing: 1999-01-29
Age at Time of Disappearance: 45
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 66 inches
Weight: 180 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
From: Hanover, PA

Identifying Characteristics
Tattoo of a "purple rose" on left ankle, scar on abdomen, pierced ears.

Circumstances of Disappearance
Unknown. Diane was last seen leaving her place of employment. Her vehicle, described as a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix was located locked and secured in the Weis Market parking lot located on Baltimore St. in Hanover, PA.
Her whereabouts remain unknown.
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January 29, 1999 is the last time anyone has seen Diane Louise Wolf. That's a few days over 10 years. Her story aired on my local news, as a 10 year anniversary, this past Wednesday.

Ten years! I know what it's like to search for someone you love, for 10 years. I can't help but wonder how the family is doing right now.

Although media attention probably brings a renewed hope to family who still don't have answers, I am sure that after living this nightmare for so long, it also brings a variety of confused, mixed-up, emotions.

Sometimes it seems as if some view a missing person's picture, and only recognize the case as 1 missing person.
The 'ripple effect' of this sudden,'unknown' loss, throughout family and friends, is often times not understood.

Unfortunately, in the case of a long term disappearance, family who have been grieving this unknown, often hears advice such as 'you have to get over this' or 'You need to get on with your life,' by well meaning friends.

No matter how well intended, this advice is not helpful!
HOW can someone FORGET that a person they love just DISAPPEARED???
It matters not whether it's been a year, 5 years, 10, or even 20 years. Family and friends of a missing loved one battle a grieving process similar to the grief that follows a death.
There is, however, one difference. No matter how many years it's been, this grieving process cannot end, until the day there is some type of closure.

Police say Wolf was last seen at Hanover Foods on Route 116, where she clocked out after working the 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift. She went to her residence in Conewago Township and placed her lunch box on the kitchen table, then went to her bank on Dart Drive where surveillance cameras and transaction records confirm she deposited $300 at about 7:33 a.m.
Anyone with information about the disappearance is asked to contact:
Adams County Crime Stoppers (717) 334-8057
or state police in Gettysburg (717) 334-8111
There is a cash reward offered by Crime Stoppers and callers may remain anonymous.
Adams County Woman Missing 10 Years

Wolf's loved ones said that she normally searched for the closest possible parking space at any establishment. Her Grand Prix was parked on the outskirts of Weis Market's lot, which was uncharacteristic of her. There has not been any activity on Wolf's credit cards since January 1999. She left all of her clothing behind at her residence, as well as her cellular phone, which she normally carried everywhere. Only Wolf's purse was missing; it has never been recovered. She normally packed many items if she was planning to go on a trip anywhere.
READ MORE... The Charley Project

After watching the story about Diane on the news, I googled her name, and came across a message board with a discussion of her disappearance.
Originally, I was just going to leave a message there, instead of writing a post here on ~LostFaces~

I guess "Evening Sun-TOPIX" deems the link of a supportive missing persons site as terroristic or inappropriate or something, as my post was deleted...

But then while this is just a news story for some, to me it is the many family members and friends of a missing loved one, who might be seeking some kind of help somewhere.
The Topix link above has comments that vary in opinion and theory, for anyone who might be interested.

In case family, or a friend of Diane somehow wind up here on ~LostFaces~
this is my original message that was deleted from TOPIX.

My prayers for the family who has lived this 10 year nightmare!
And now that the case is being highlighted after 10 years, I am most positive that emotions throughout the family is quite frustrated and mixed.
If any family reads this, feels as if they have nowhere to turn, or don't think that anyone understands what it is you are going through,
May I suggest Peace4 the Missing

This is not a site that just posts info on missing persons, but instead is an interactive group, that encourages family who has missing loved ones to connect with, aide, share tips on continuing the search, and supporting each other.
There is no 'professional counseling' just many others who are (or have been) where you are now.
(and yes, I have been there myself, finally just making contact with one of 2 missing sons...after a long, 10 year search)

Somewhere, I read about a billboard being put up.
Can anyone confirm this, please? If this is correct, is it being donated, or does the family need to come up with money for it?
Billboards have been known to actually help, even in a 'cold case.'
So I don't see a billboard as a waste of time. It very well could give someone a 'case of the
guilties' or trigger a memory that's been buried or forgotten in time.



Delilah said...

It's a shame that the Topix forum deleted your heartfelt and helpful comment, especially if there are family members or locals discussing there.

This clearly, from the information you have posted, sounds like foul play of some sort. I hope the car was processed correctly.

Once again, the balancing act for missing adults runs a very fine line between the ability to walk away and "do over" your life, to a family who needs to know where their missing loved one could be.

From what you've written, I seriously doubt she walked away willingly.

Please update this case when possible.

mammabear said...

[[It's a shame that the Topix forum deleted your heartfelt and helpful comment, especially if there are family members or locals discussing there.]]

I found it quite frustrating. I skimmed the TOS, and the way I understood it, as long as I wasn't putting up links leading to terrorist groups, porn, or those type of issues, that a link was permissible.
I felt that the family had better chances of finding my message there, rather than here...and to me, it's important that family of the missing knows there ARE places online to find support! Goodness only knows, I wished for a place like Peace4 YEARS ago...only there wasn't one!
Funny how people want exclusive rights on discussions about missing persons...after all, that kind of goes against the 'exposure therory!'

From what I had read, Diane's disapperance seems like foul play. If she knew she was taking off, she surely wouldn't have deposited a check, would she?
And, she had a grandbaby on the way...with a bassinet on layaway...I don't see a soon to be grandma just taking off!
Thanks for stopping in, Delilah!

~prayers~ to the family,

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