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Friday, February 27, 2009

Can You Help Find Rachel Conger?

On On February 28 and March 1, there will be a massive search for missing mother, Rachel Conger, and a search of this magnitude requires much in the way of resources. CUE Center for Missing Persons will be conducting the search and there is never a charge for the families they serve.
More Information about the search, and Rachel Conger at either:
Mothers are Vanishing
Cue Center Search for Rachel Conger

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday4 the Missing ~Jasmine Haslag~

Please Help Us Find Jasmine Haslag!
Those are the first words that cry out to me,
on Jasmine's website.

I read through Jasmine's case...
her description, the last time she was seen, and a plea from her mom, asking that ANYONE who might know the whereabouts of her daughter to please step forward.
Link for Printable Poster

Date of Birth: 7-19-1975
Date Missing: 6-17-2007
From City/State: Russellville, MO
Age at Time of Disappearance: 31

Identifying Characteristics:
Pierced ears, missing molars, burn scars on insides of both forearms, previously broken forearm.

Investigative Agency:
Cole County Sheriff's Department
(573) 659-8477

Reported by: Vanessa McClure
Published: Wednesday, July 18, 2007
After someone's been missing for a month, authorities often suspect "foul play" and that's what happened in the Cole County disappearance of Jasmine Haslag.

Wednesday afternoon, the Cole County Sheriff said he thinks criminal activity or other players may be involved in Haslag's disappearance.

Her car was found abandoned in Callaway County.

Thirty-one-year old Haslag was living in Russellville, about 14 miles southeast of Jefferson City, when she went missing.

Neighbors in the town say she'd only been living there for three months. The Cole County Sheriff's department is following leads but says it has no evidence within its county to work with.

"We're doing everything that we can think of within our power to locate her. We've certainly followed up on voluminous numbers of leads," said Cole County Sheriff Greg White. "But after this length of time, with no one having any tangible contact with her, we certainly have to look at the possibility that criminal activity could be involved." READ MORE...
Sheriff Suspects Foul Play

Impact Statement

My adult daughter, Jasmine Haslag, went missing in June 2007.

Since that time I have spent every waking moment searching for her. I've spent every waking moment wondering what happened to my first-born daughter. I do not believe she ran away.

I believe there are people out there who have the answers and I will not stop until I know them and my daughter is found.

Having a missing loved one is a loss that dominates your life and it is a loss that no human being should ever have to deal with. When Jasmine first disappeared, I searched for help and was unable to find an organization, like Missouri Missing, to help me.

That is one of the main reasons I have worked so hard to make Missouri Missing grow and become one of the best organizations out there for missing persons.

As a co-founder, I hope to accomplish many things including educating the public on this ambiguous loss.

I hope to continue building an organization that can assist families presently suffering and those who may suffer in the future. I wholeheartedly believe this can be accomplished if we all unite as one voice for all of our missing loved ones.

I invite you to join in our efforts.
Peggy Florence - Co-founder
Missouri Missing

By Mallory McGowin
Monday, April 21, 2008

UPDATE: The FBI has confirmed fingerprints taken from the female body found Sunday afternoon near Mokane are not those of Jasmine Haslag.

Callaway County Sheriff Dennis Crane says the Missouri Highway Patrol could not find a match to the prints in state databases; and FBI officials did not get a hit on the prints when they searched the National Missing Person database.

Callaway County officials say an anthropologist will now investigate the remains to learn more about the victim, trying to determine an approximate time and date of death.
Authorities say body found is not Jasmine Haslag

Friday, February 20, 2009

Effects Of A Missing Family Member
(Survey: James Lampinen)

My name is James Lampinen, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Arkansas. My research addresses questions at the intersection of psychology and the legal system.

Much of my recent research has focused on the problem of missing persons.
We are currently working with Let's Bring Them Home on a project examining the psychological impact of missing persons on families.

We hope that this study can help us develop better ways of helping families to cope with the trauma of having a family member go missing.

We are seeking your help in recruiting families to participate in the study.
The survey is approximately six pages long and can be completed in about 30-45 minutes.

The survey has been fully approved by the human subjects review committee of the University of Arkansas. Participants' responses will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Only the researchers will have access to the individual responses of participants. In order to examine the long terms effects of having a family member go missing, participants will be invited to complete follow up surveys.

If you know of family members who are interested in participating in the survey, please have them contact the researchers at lampinen@uark.edu.

After contacting us, participants will be provided with a web address where they can complete the survey at their convenience.

Information about Dr Lampinen:

Dr. Lampinen is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Arkansas. Dr. Lampinen received his bachelors degree in psychology in 1991 from Elmhurst College and a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology in 1996 from Northwestern University.

He spent two years as a post-doctoral fellow at the State University of New York at Binghamton before joining the faculty at the University of Arkansas.

Dr. Lampinen has authored over 40 articles/book chapters. He is currently under contract with psychology press for a book entitled The Psychology of Eyewitness Identification and another book entitled Protecting Children from Violence.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kara Kopetsky

Happy Birthday, Kara!

Kopetsky, a missing Belton teen, turned 19 yesterday. An anonymous donor had put up $50K if she was returned home safely by that date, so one assumes that money goes away now. Happy Birthday Kara Kopetsky


Officially, Kara is a "missing person endangered."
"It means that there's some concern about her being missing, that we're concerned about her well-being," says Capt. Don Spears of the Belton Police Department. "Specifically, because we've not heard from her, nor have any of her friends or family heard from her."
The concern grew from what police saw in Kara's room, things a runaway might have taken with her. Makeup. Clothes. A carton of Marlboro Lights full except for one pack. She left behind the iPod she got for Christmas and the hair straightener she used every morning.
She planned to interview at QuikTrip the day after she disappeared and had made plans with friends for the next two weekends. Money in her bank account is untouched. She left her debit card in her school locker. But Kara's cell phone, a Motorola Razr she got for her birthday, is missing. It hasn't been used since the morning of May 4. "With a kid that age," Spears said, "that's a concern that the phone's not been on."
Friends doubt that Kara ran away, but police have not ruled out the possibility. Spears says there are no suspects in Kara's disappearance; there's no evidence a crime has been committed. Because she's 17, legal age in Missouri, the police couldn't make her come home even if they found her, Spears says. If Kara wanted to vanish without a trace, he says, she could have found a Web site to tell her how. She could have bought a pay-as-you-go cell phone that can't be tracked. She could have left behind her clothes and that fresh carton of cigarettes on purpose. "It complicates the matter and adds to the frustration," Spears says. "Hopefully we can keep her face out in front of the public."

And yet, her dad worries about the attention. "You kind of go back and forth," Mike Kopetsky says. "If she is trying to come back home, are we putting so much attention on this that she's scared to? All these different possibilities go through your head, and you don't know the right answer. We're all just frustrated … that nobody has said anything yet. Somebody at some point has to say something. What could she be so angry about in her life to where she would have no contact with any family or friends?"


For upcoming events please visit

3/20/08 Statement - The Belton Star-Herald published an article on this date with outdated information regarding the community-collected funds. The article states "up to $20,000" offered by the family of Kara. The reward of $25,000 that the Bank of Belton holds, still stands and will continue to grow with the continued support of the area communities and the work of the Find Kara Committee, Helpers, Family & Friends. This website will continue to be updated by the Find Kara Committee with information about upcoming events to raise funds or awareness for Kara Kopetsky. We appreciate the continued support of our efforts to help the family find Kara.

Printable Poster (PDF Format)

Are Dream Drawings Real? ~BriansDreams~

Alright, I have to admit that I'm more of a skeptical kind of person...
I've come across BriansDreams a few times of late, while researching a missing child/persons case.
To be honest, I'd kind of skim the page, shake my head, and move on. After all, I'm looking for facts, not some dreamer who brings an already devastated family false hopes!

And yet...
I believe that all of us who has ever known the heartache of searching for a missing loved one, finds ourselves at the inevitable crossroad of 'Loose Hope Avenue' and 'Continue to Believe Lane.'

Is the practice of Dream Drawings real? I don't honestly know...
But I have to admit, whether it's real or not, it appears that Brian does have a passion to help with our missing!

Live TV : Ustream

After watching this video, I revisited BriansDreams, and actually did a bit of reading this time...with the intention of at least keeping an open mind.

My name is Brian Ladd and there's really not much to what I can do...basically I have dreams, write them down and post them on this site.

One thing I want to make clear before we go one...I do not consider myself a psychic, I'm not able to get visions or talk to dead people. All my work is done in dreams and I firmly believe we can all do this, it just takes time and practice, and I'm here to help anyone that's willing to listen and has an open mind.

I post all my work...no matter if its correct or not. I might lose readers this way, but I believe that removing any of my work would hurt my credibility. Now most people already think I'm a crazy nutcase, but at least I'm a credible nutcase. I have also had visions in the past that many said were totally wrong...yet a year later...my viewings turned out to be validated. As far as I know, I'm the only person in the world doing this, and I challenge others to do this same, especially those who really do have psychic abilities.


I do not advise family of the missing to take every psychic phone call at face value, because there ARE scammers out there who does NOT care who they hurt, as long as they are tapping YOUR bank account! So, PLEASE use CAUTION, if you do have an open to the use of a psychic!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

National Missing Persons Conference


National Missing Persons Conference

Who should attend the conference?
Families of the missing, coroners, law enforcement, privates investigator, search volunteer and personnel, advocates, missing person groups and organizations, unidentified person groups and agencies, community agencies and those who volunteer or work in the field of missing person, the search of them and the identification process.

What you will gain from the conference?
New friendships, case support and resources to aid you in your missing loved ones case. Many training sessions and informative speakers that are experts in their field.Presentation of new technology to aid missing persons and the search of them.
Experience first hand of unification that takes place among all attendees which become a life time.
Empowerment from knowledgeable training that will aid you in your journey.
Exciting special events and gatherings that take place throughout the conference evenings.

CUE Center for Missing Persons
PO Box 12714
Wilmington, NC 28405
(910) 343-1131
(910) 232-1687


Monday, February 16, 2009

Rest In Peace
~Christopher(Chris) Coan ~

Reporter: Mark Havnes
Updated: 04/09/2009

Cedar City » The body of a Enoch teen who disappeared in 2007 was found Wednesday in a car that apparently rolled down a cliff.

The body is believed to be that of 18-year-old Christopher Robin Coan.

A man was searching for his dog in Right Hand Canyon about 7 miles east of Cedar City when he came upon a wrecked car and informed the authorities. Searchers reached the car early Thursday and found one body in the car, said Enoch Police Chief David Browning. Clothing on the body matched descriptions of what Coan was wearing when he disappeared Sept. 3, 2007, after leaving a Subway sandwich shop in Cedar City, Browning said.

The vehicle identification number on the wrecked maroon and silver Chevrolet Blazer matches Coan's car, Browning said.

The car was about 1,500 feet from the winding mountain road, Browning said.

Browning said Coan's family has been notified. They were shocked but hoped the news would bring closure, Browning said.

Law enforcement and Coan's family have been searching for him since the night he disappeared. Search teams combed Iron County's many canyons and wide back country. Enoch police pursued tips from the pubic -- all of which appear to have been false.

One tip said Coan and his Blazer were at a Park City gas station a few days after his disappearance. An animal control officer in Silver City, N.M., thought she spotted the Blazer there.

Chris Coan search passes year mark
Anna Cole
Issue date: 9/15/08
Section: News

Although the trail is cold, and has been since December 2007, the search is still alive, private investigator Marquita Davis said.

Davis said she has followed tips in New Mexico and Colorado which led to nothing, but still spends hours daily working on the case."(There are) homeless shelters we're searching," she said.

"There's a monthly search of prisons. Coroners' offices are contacted on a monthly basis. This is definitely still an active case."Detective Jackson Ames of the Enoch Police Department, said officers are working with Davis and Dave Coan, Chris Coan's father, to follow up on leads.

~Read More~
Family Seeks Answers About Missing Son
Mr. Waits
posted 9/17/08 @ 8:32 PM MST
Someone knows something! I would like to correct that Chris DID NOT have any money with him, that there was a one hundred dollar bill still in his wallet left at home that if he was planning to leave or runaway or whatever that he DID NOT take time get stop by home and pickup this money nor his wallet nor I.D. or clothing nor his beloved backpack loaded with his favorite books even though, as the article states he had eight hours before anyone would be home and see him. This must be clarified. He disappeared with nothing, nada, zip and this is why I think someone in Cedar City knows what happened to him and is covering it up. Please don't let 13 years go by without coming forward with what information you have as in the case of Kiplyn Davis.

If you are reading this, it's because you actually care about missing children and persons, so PLEASE take a moment and visit Myspace for Chris Coan.
Even if you don't have any tips, a simple "good luck with the search" OR "You're in my thoughs and prayers," could make a world of difference to family members searching for Chris.

Previous post for Chris Coan HERE

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kids NEED Equal Doses
(Shared Parenting Petition)

As I write this post, 395 children were abducted by someone they know and trust.
395 children, abducted by a family member!
These 395 children are listed on
National Center For Exploited and Missing Children.

Even more alarming than 395 children abducted by someone they love, is the number of children who don't even make the NCMEC list, because of a 'legal glitch,' otherwise known as a Custody Battle.

A Custody Battle does what it's intended to, and the battle line is drawn! Parents are forced into a custodial or non-custodial role automatically. WHY?

Why aren't parents viewed as 'equal,' unless one parent is proven to be unfit?

The phrase Custody Battle, sugar coats the truth of what's really going on in the family court arena. A countless sea of judges, lawyers, evaluators, and child advocates eat well from the spoils of war, and somewhere along the line, people forgot what this was supposed to be about...
(pssst...the best interest of the child(ren)

If you believe that children deserve to have both parents in their lives, Please take time to read and sign the petition.

Kids NEED Equal doses of Mum, Dad and all 4 Grands

My petition asks Family Law makers World-Wide to endorse Preferencial Equal Shared Parenting as the benchmark in World-Wide Family Law and Social Policy. Giving Children their biological Family from conception. Reinforcing the need for Children to be brought up under the influence of their whole Family.

Children know and have regular rewarding contact with their whole biological Family from conception whether the Family resides together or not.
Kids need equal doses

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday4 The Missing
~Tina & Bethany Sinclair~


On February 4, 2001, Tina was 34, and her daughter, Bethany, was 15, and they vanished...they haven't been seen or heard from in eight years! Since my sister and my niece have been gone, so has a part of me. I haven't ever been the same. My heart is broken and so is my spirit. My mother has gradually crumbled as time has passed without her precious daughter and granddaughter. The anger, hatred, confusion, nightmares have shredded through me and made me into a person I don't even recognize anymore! Our family was divided at first for a long time, as nothing was the same. The holidays, birthdays, family gatherings were like a bad dream because Tina and Bethany weren't there.
Missing Tina and Beth (myspace)

Missing Tina and Beth (website) has a lot of information about the case, as well as a family struggling to get through this never-ending nightmare. At one point, someone was cruel enough to remove a memorial in Tina and Beth's name...not once, but TWICE!
Dec 7, 2008 9:10 AM

We are going to replace the memorial with the old one today which was stolen Fall of 2007 and recovered Spring of 2008, [in back of a storage shed on the Putney road above the Marina] in Brattleboro, VT. It is still unclear who took it and why they dumped it? but we were grateful to have found it.

A new memorial sign to replace the one that was recently stolen is being recreated by McCarthy signs, as we speak, and will be installed in time for my mother to decorate for Christmas.

Tina Sinclair
Date of Birth: 1966-11-29
Date Missing: 2001-02-04
From City/State: W. Chesterfield, NH
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 62 inches
Weight: 120 pounds
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Identifying Characteristics:
Vertical surgical scar on abdomen, tattoo of a "butterfly" on right ankle.

Circumstances of Disappearance:
Unknown. According to Tina's former boyfriend, Bethany, Tina's daughter, was at the movies and needed a ride. He stated that he and Tina got into an argument about money and felony charges against him. He says he left the home and when he returned Tina was gone. Tina's vehicle was found at the residence. Link to Printable Poster

Bethany Sinclair

The photo to the left is an actual picture of Bethany. The photo to the right is an age progression picture

Case Type: Endangered Missing
DOB: Oct 15, 1985
Sex: Female
Missing Date: Feb 3, 2001
Race: White
Age Now: 23
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'2" (157 cm)
Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
Case Number: NCMC907421

Bethany's photo is shown age-progressed to 17 years. Bethany and her mother, Tina M. Sinclair, have not been seen since February 4, 2001. Bethany has a U-shaped scar on her head and may be wearing a crucifix pendant around her neck. She may also wear glasses. Tina has a tattoo on her ankle.
NCMEC Printable Poster

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)
New Hampshire State Police
1-603-271-3636 or 1-603-358-3333

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jamie & Gladys Scott: ~LostFaces~ Too?

I originally started ~LostFaces~ of the missing, as a means of aiding in the distribution of information, concerning missing children and persons. Yet I find that my perception of who a ~LostFace~ is, continually changes with time.
I have come to realize that some ~LostFaces~ are not even missing at all.

Read, and decide for yourself...
Are Jamie and Gladys Scott ~LostFaces~ Too?

Printable Poster: Free Jamie and Gladys Scott

In October of 1994, Jamie and Gladys Scott were sentenced to double life terms in prison. That's double sentences each! Neither sister had prior convictions or arrests. Three young men confessed to the robbery and implicated Jamie and Gladys in the crime.

On December 24, 1993 Scott County Sheriff's Department arrested the sisters for armed robbery. The three young men were all related and referred to as the "Patrick Men". Coercions, threats and promises led these men to turn state's evidence on the Scott Sisters. The Patrick men received lenient sentences in exchange for their testimonies.

During a confusing and obviously fabricated statement on the witness stand, testimony was brought out regarding the coerced statement, the jury still found Jamie and Gladys Scott Guilty.

During the trial the Patrick man admitted that he did not write the confession, the police did. He was threatened and told, "He would be sent to Parchman and made out of a woman". (He was 14 years old during this testimony).

In 1998, one of the Patrick Men wrote a sworn affidavit telling the truth - that Jamie and Gladys were not involved. The court never heard the affidavit!

I first read about The Wrongful Convictions of Jamie and Gladys Scott a few weeks ago. It took me this long to write a post, because I took the time to personally sift through websites, posts, and Jamie and Gladys Scott - Transcript

From The Diary of Jamie Scott
My name is Jamie Scott and I do understand there are many people out there that don't understand a lot about prison and what someone goes through in a situation such as this. Please don't get me wrong; IF you commit a crime, then you should be punished.
In the state of Mississippi, the crime chart is just crazy...
Read more of What Jamie Scott has to say

I ask this question each time an injustice happens and action from us are needed... I am puzzled about the apathy that we have when it comes to injustice. It appears that if it is not directly affecting us individually, we just aren’t feeling the pain of someone else, the loss of someone else... What If It Were You

Your assistance is very much needed to make this case public. Please read the transcripts, forward flier, sign the petition, and assist us in making this case viral! At this time we are asking people to write to the Sentencing Project to ask their assistance in this case .

Petition for Jamie and Gladys Scott

Below is a template letter that I copied, personalized, and sent to Sentencing Project.

There's a convenient contact form located towards the top of Sentencing Project. You can either write your own letter, or cut-copy and paste the letter provided below.
It only takes a minute and it could help these Sisters get justice.
Thank you for your time.

Template Letter:


I am writing to seek your assistance in helping Jamie and Gladys Scott.
We believe that Jamie and Gladys Scott were wrongfully convicted of armed robbery for which they received double life sentences in 1993.

Life sentences for a crime in which no one was murdered or seriously injured. Life sentences for a crime they didn’t commit.

According to supporter Nancy Lockhart, the transcripts state that less than $12.00 dollars was stolen during the robbery for which they were convicted.

Nancy Lockhart says that witnesses confessed during the trial that the sheriff coerced and threatened them to lie on the Scott Sisters.

They have been in prison now for 14 years away from their children and family. They really need your help.

Here is the website that contains all the information, including links to the transcripts. If you would please look them over, I am sure you will find that there is gross injustice being done to these two women. http://www.freewebs.com/nlockha/index.htm .

Once you have reviewed them, a link on the Sentencing Project website to their story would be helpful. Thank you for your time, any thing you could do would be appreciated.


Friday, February 6, 2009

A sister named Doris Hill

I want to talk about a woman named Doris Hill. Well, that was her name 50+ years ago, before she was sold through an illegal adoption ring!
Birth Records for Doris, as well as her 4 siblings, were unlawfully destroyed, in order to cover the transaction. Ushered out the back room of a state patrol station, Doris was renamed Deborah Letham.
Link to Video

By Delivrine Registre - bio email

Deborah Latham thumbs through 28 files full of information about her biological family members. Information she began collecting after her mother died.

"After all of the family that you know is gone, you start to think I have no more family, but I do somewhere. And I wonder if they've been looking for me."

And they were. A week before Christmas she got a call about her sister and later connected with her brother Gary. "My original name Doris Hill was the name he was looking for," said Latham.

That was also when she learned about the illegal adoptions. "There was a scam going around looking for children to sell. The judge was involved and a nurse. Deborah's mother was targeted because she was a poor single mother with nine children.

"They took us to the state patrol station to the back room, and the parents were there and they took us right than," said Latham. "Who got what money or who started it I don't know?"

The original birth records of all five children involved were destroyed, and their names changed to hide the illegal exchanges. This is also making it harder for Deborah to find her biological brothers Earl and Elroy.

"We are still trying to find them, but we don't know what names to look for." She now hopes someone watching may be able to help her fill both of their empty folders.

"If Earl or Elroy know who they are, or know what has happened to them, we would love for them to contact us. Just to let us know they are alive. If they want to be involved with our family, we would love to have them in our family. We want to know what happened to them."

And help her put an end to a 54-year separation with the family she never knew she had. Deborah wants anyone who may have information about her biological brothers Earl or Elroy to contact her.

Earl should turn 59 this year and Elroy would turn 57. She can be reached at 912-384-6758. She can also be reached by email at lathDbr@aol.com.

Source & Photo
Woman needs help finding brothers

Have You Seen Me? ~Brittany Spencer~

I will be featuring 'Have You Seen Me?' as they arrive in my mailbox. They are indeed those small pictures on the back of junk mail that's often times thrown away, without even a second glance. If you googled Brittany Spencer because of the "Have You Seen Me?" picture, and that's how you wound up reading this, please take an extra moment, and drop me a line on the comment box.

UPDATE ****************************************** UPDATE

Googling for information about Brittany was NOT easy! I couldn't seem to find any posts about her, anywhere.
Finally, I decided to call NCMEC.
GREAT NEWS, people! She was located, safe, earlier in the week.
Normally I wouldn't even post this, since she has already been found, but then I thought about the people who DO look at their fliers in the mail, and want to know more. Apparently she was found right after the mass distribution of her case.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Secondhand Children ~ Human Events

By Ann Coulter

It's been weeks since the last one, so on Sunday, The New York Times Magazine featured yet another cheery, upbeat article on single mothers. As with all its other promotional pieces on single motherhood over the years, the Times followed a specific formula to make this social disaster sound normal, blameless and harmless -- even brave.

These single motherhood advertisements include lots of conclusory statements to the effect that this is simply the way things are -- so get used to it, bourgeois America! "(A)n increasing number of unmarried mothers," the article explained, "look a lot more like Fran McElhill and Nancy Clark -- they are college-educated, and they are in their 30s, 40s and 50s."

Why isn't the number of smokers treated as a fait accompli that the rest of us just have to accept? Smoking causes a lot less damage and the harm befalls the person who chooses to smoke, not innocent children.

The Times' single motherhood endorsements always describe single mothers as the very picture of middle-class normality. READ MORE...
Secondhand Children

Thanks to G.F. for the tip

~The Baskin Children~

For me, it took over ten years, to finally make contact with one of my 2 sons. I can't even begin to describe how it feels! So, I can just imagine how Mark and Debbie Baskin are taking it all in!

I'd heard of the Baskin Children throughout myspace, NCMEC, and various other sites dedicated to missing children and persons ... now, 20 years later, they've been found!!!
I've come across the great news this morning, and need to share!

Christie and Bobby Baskin were renamed Jennifer and Jonathan Bunting

Parents Mark and Debbie Baskin hope to be reunited soon with their grown children located Monday in California after being abducted 20 years ago.

Sheriff’s Detective Lt. Bill Sharp said Christie and Bobby Baskin were located Monday night in San Jose with their grandfather Marvin Maple after two witnesses saw a story about the family in the “San Diego Tribune.”

One woman who wanted to remain anonymous reported to authorities Maple, who went by the name John Bunting, (right) made statements about being wanted. Another woman identified him through an Internet photograph. Maple reportedly told one of the women he was upset with the media misrepresentation of him.

San Jose, Calif., Police apprehended Maple Monday night. Maple is in custody charged with kidnapping his grandchildren March 1, 1989 when Christie was 8 and Bobby, 7. Grandmother Sandra Maple died about two years ago.

During a telephone interview Tuesday from his Vidalia, Ga., home, Mark Baskin wants his children to know “first, we still love them. We never stopped loving them. We don’t blame them for what happened and we want to have a relationship with them.”

The Baskins don’t know how their children will receive them after an almost 20-year absence.

“We don’t want to appear to be pushy or bombastic,” Baskin said. “We want to lay the fleece out and say this is what we want. The ball is in their court.”

ALERT: Baskin children discovered alive and well

To the entire family,
for the reunification process

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mothers are Vanishing: Renee Pernice, Not The Only One Missing?

Renee Pernice vanished from her Northland home last month. Shon Pernice, her husband, whom she was in the process of divorcing, was the last person to see her alive.
Ten years ago, another woman, Star Boomer, disappeared from a bar in Kansas City and hasn't been seen since. On that night in February of 1999, Shon Pernice was at the same bar, sources told FOX4KC.com.
Renee Pernice, Not The Only One Missing?

Photo:Fox News