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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are Dream Drawings Real? ~BriansDreams~

Alright, I have to admit that I'm more of a skeptical kind of person...
I've come across BriansDreams a few times of late, while researching a missing child/persons case.
To be honest, I'd kind of skim the page, shake my head, and move on. After all, I'm looking for facts, not some dreamer who brings an already devastated family false hopes!

And yet...
I believe that all of us who has ever known the heartache of searching for a missing loved one, finds ourselves at the inevitable crossroad of 'Loose Hope Avenue' and 'Continue to Believe Lane.'

Is the practice of Dream Drawings real? I don't honestly know...
But I have to admit, whether it's real or not, it appears that Brian does have a passion to help with our missing!

Live TV : Ustream

After watching this video, I revisited BriansDreams, and actually did a bit of reading this time...with the intention of at least keeping an open mind.

My name is Brian Ladd and there's really not much to what I can do...basically I have dreams, write them down and post them on this site.

One thing I want to make clear before we go one...I do not consider myself a psychic, I'm not able to get visions or talk to dead people. All my work is done in dreams and I firmly believe we can all do this, it just takes time and practice, and I'm here to help anyone that's willing to listen and has an open mind.

I post all my work...no matter if its correct or not. I might lose readers this way, but I believe that removing any of my work would hurt my credibility. Now most people already think I'm a crazy nutcase, but at least I'm a credible nutcase. I have also had visions in the past that many said were totally wrong...yet a year later...my viewings turned out to be validated. As far as I know, I'm the only person in the world doing this, and I challenge others to do this same, especially those who really do have psychic abilities.


I do not advise family of the missing to take every psychic phone call at face value, because there ARE scammers out there who does NOT care who they hurt, as long as they are tapping YOUR bank account! So, PLEASE use CAUTION, if you do have an open to the use of a psychic!


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Jen said...

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mammabear said...


IF you are referring to ME...AKA mammabear,

I have never charged anyone a dime for time spent listening to,or trying to comfort someone who is missing a loved one.
If you are NOT referring to ME...then please be a bit more specific when posting on my site!
(OR any site for that matter, if your mission is to Google Brian's Dreams and post on every site that has an article about him.