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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kara Kopetsky

Happy Birthday, Kara!

Kopetsky, a missing Belton teen, turned 19 yesterday. An anonymous donor had put up $50K if she was returned home safely by that date, so one assumes that money goes away now. Happy Birthday Kara Kopetsky


Officially, Kara is a "missing person endangered."
"It means that there's some concern about her being missing, that we're concerned about her well-being," says Capt. Don Spears of the Belton Police Department. "Specifically, because we've not heard from her, nor have any of her friends or family heard from her."
The concern grew from what police saw in Kara's room, things a runaway might have taken with her. Makeup. Clothes. A carton of Marlboro Lights full except for one pack. She left behind the iPod she got for Christmas and the hair straightener she used every morning.
She planned to interview at QuikTrip the day after she disappeared and had made plans with friends for the next two weekends. Money in her bank account is untouched. She left her debit card in her school locker. But Kara's cell phone, a Motorola Razr she got for her birthday, is missing. It hasn't been used since the morning of May 4. "With a kid that age," Spears said, "that's a concern that the phone's not been on."
Friends doubt that Kara ran away, but police have not ruled out the possibility. Spears says there are no suspects in Kara's disappearance; there's no evidence a crime has been committed. Because she's 17, legal age in Missouri, the police couldn't make her come home even if they found her, Spears says. If Kara wanted to vanish without a trace, he says, she could have found a Web site to tell her how. She could have bought a pay-as-you-go cell phone that can't be tracked. She could have left behind her clothes and that fresh carton of cigarettes on purpose. "It complicates the matter and adds to the frustration," Spears says. "Hopefully we can keep her face out in front of the public."

And yet, her dad worries about the attention. "You kind of go back and forth," Mike Kopetsky says. "If she is trying to come back home, are we putting so much attention on this that she's scared to? All these different possibilities go through your head, and you don't know the right answer. We're all just frustrated … that nobody has said anything yet. Somebody at some point has to say something. What could she be so angry about in her life to where she would have no contact with any family or friends?"


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3/20/08 Statement - The Belton Star-Herald published an article on this date with outdated information regarding the community-collected funds. The article states "up to $20,000" offered by the family of Kara. The reward of $25,000 that the Bank of Belton holds, still stands and will continue to grow with the continued support of the area communities and the work of the Find Kara Committee, Helpers, Family & Friends. This website will continue to be updated by the Find Kara Committee with information about upcoming events to raise funds or awareness for Kara Kopetsky. We appreciate the continued support of our efforts to help the family find Kara.

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Anonymous said...

I don't mean to upset anyone, but I believe in my heart of hearts that Edwin Roy "Jack" Hall is responsible for the abduction of Kara!

My gut instincts tell me that she was his first victim. Then he did what he did to Kelsey Smith.

It amazes me how the two cases happened weeks apart. The areas all seem to match up. Like where Kara lived. Belton, MO. The lake where Kelsey Smith was found...Grandview Lake...SO CLOSE TO BELTON, MO! Then you have the High School Kara walked from that's located on the outskirts of Belton, MO close to MO 1-50 that links to Edwin's Home in Olathe,KS and the High School is close to Holmes Road which goes to 131st Street that leads right into Olathe, KS. The High School is in such a remote area that he could've easily taken her without being seen. WHICH HE WAS IDENTIFIED by the eye witness sketch that they have of a man that LOOKS JUST LIKE EDWIN HALL! COME ON PEOPLE WAKE-UP!!! How could the two cases not be related? HOW? Something needs to be done! It's 2008 for pete's sake! Search for her! Get a search party out to that lake...Grandview Lake. Search the woods near MO 1-50 and the access road that leads to Longview Lake. Search the areas near where Kelsey was found. DO SOMETHING FOR KARA AND FIND HER! SHE'S MISSING BECAUSE YOUR TOO LAZY TO LOOK FOR HER!!!

mammabear said...


Thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts. Have there been any searches in the area you mention?
It seems as though you know a good deal about the territory. Have you called LE OR a tipline with your concerns?
There's been various opinions on what has happened to Kara. Speculation has ranged from Kara being a runaway to people such as yourself comparing Kara's case to that of Kelsey.
Personally I hope that Kara is a runaway, and that should she see all of this online activity in her name, she would at least call home and let family know that she is not ready to come home, but that she is ok.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that this man hasn't been asked anything by LE about Kara, have they investigated his possible connection at all?

Anonymous said...

please, check out this link, this girl looks very much like Kara http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/local&id=7079278

good luck
riegan :)

mammabear said...

I agree, Anon. Kara DOES resemble the unidentified 'runaway' in NY.
Enough that I called it in. Apparently we aren't the only ones who thought so, as the police are already checking that lead. At this point they don't think so but are still checking into it.
THANK YOU for sending that link along.