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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

~The Baskin Children~

For me, it took over ten years, to finally make contact with one of my 2 sons. I can't even begin to describe how it feels! So, I can just imagine how Mark and Debbie Baskin are taking it all in!

I'd heard of the Baskin Children throughout myspace, NCMEC, and various other sites dedicated to missing children and persons ... now, 20 years later, they've been found!!!
I've come across the great news this morning, and need to share!

Christie and Bobby Baskin were renamed Jennifer and Jonathan Bunting

Parents Mark and Debbie Baskin hope to be reunited soon with their grown children located Monday in California after being abducted 20 years ago.

Sheriff’s Detective Lt. Bill Sharp said Christie and Bobby Baskin were located Monday night in San Jose with their grandfather Marvin Maple after two witnesses saw a story about the family in the “San Diego Tribune.”

One woman who wanted to remain anonymous reported to authorities Maple, who went by the name John Bunting, (right) made statements about being wanted. Another woman identified him through an Internet photograph. Maple reportedly told one of the women he was upset with the media misrepresentation of him.

San Jose, Calif., Police apprehended Maple Monday night. Maple is in custody charged with kidnapping his grandchildren March 1, 1989 when Christie was 8 and Bobby, 7. Grandmother Sandra Maple died about two years ago.

During a telephone interview Tuesday from his Vidalia, Ga., home, Mark Baskin wants his children to know “first, we still love them. We never stopped loving them. We don’t blame them for what happened and we want to have a relationship with them.”

The Baskins don’t know how their children will receive them after an almost 20-year absence.

“We don’t want to appear to be pushy or bombastic,” Baskin said. “We want to lay the fleece out and say this is what we want. The ball is in their court.”

ALERT: Baskin children discovered alive and well

To the entire family,
for the reunification process

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