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Friday, February 6, 2009

A sister named Doris Hill

I want to talk about a woman named Doris Hill. Well, that was her name 50+ years ago, before she was sold through an illegal adoption ring!
Birth Records for Doris, as well as her 4 siblings, were unlawfully destroyed, in order to cover the transaction. Ushered out the back room of a state patrol station, Doris was renamed Deborah Letham.
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By Delivrine Registre - bio email

Deborah Latham thumbs through 28 files full of information about her biological family members. Information she began collecting after her mother died.

"After all of the family that you know is gone, you start to think I have no more family, but I do somewhere. And I wonder if they've been looking for me."

And they were. A week before Christmas she got a call about her sister and later connected with her brother Gary. "My original name Doris Hill was the name he was looking for," said Latham.

That was also when she learned about the illegal adoptions. "There was a scam going around looking for children to sell. The judge was involved and a nurse. Deborah's mother was targeted because she was a poor single mother with nine children.

"They took us to the state patrol station to the back room, and the parents were there and they took us right than," said Latham. "Who got what money or who started it I don't know?"

The original birth records of all five children involved were destroyed, and their names changed to hide the illegal exchanges. This is also making it harder for Deborah to find her biological brothers Earl and Elroy.

"We are still trying to find them, but we don't know what names to look for." She now hopes someone watching may be able to help her fill both of their empty folders.

"If Earl or Elroy know who they are, or know what has happened to them, we would love for them to contact us. Just to let us know they are alive. If they want to be involved with our family, we would love to have them in our family. We want to know what happened to them."

And help her put an end to a 54-year separation with the family she never knew she had. Deborah wants anyone who may have information about her biological brothers Earl or Elroy to contact her.

Earl should turn 59 this year and Elroy would turn 57. She can be reached at 912-384-6758. She can also be reached by email at lathDbr@aol.com.

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Woman needs help finding brothers

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