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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Legally Kidnapped: Toddler in foster care comes home to grandparents

After a two-year battle, an Enumclaw couple is about to be reunited with their granddaughter. It's a stunning turn of events in a bitter custody case that the KING 5 Investigators have been following for months.
This is a MUST see!

Toddler in foster care comes home to grandparents

Friday, January 30, 2009

~Diane Wolf~ of Pa. Missing for ten years!

Date of Birth: 1953-05-19
Date Missing: 1999-01-29
Age at Time of Disappearance: 45
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 66 inches
Weight: 180 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
From: Hanover, PA

Identifying Characteristics
Tattoo of a "purple rose" on left ankle, scar on abdomen, pierced ears.

Circumstances of Disappearance
Unknown. Diane was last seen leaving her place of employment. Her vehicle, described as a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix was located locked and secured in the Weis Market parking lot located on Baltimore St. in Hanover, PA.
Her whereabouts remain unknown.
Link for NCMA Printable Poster

January 29, 1999 is the last time anyone has seen Diane Louise Wolf. That's a few days over 10 years. Her story aired on my local news, as a 10 year anniversary, this past Wednesday.

Ten years! I know what it's like to search for someone you love, for 10 years. I can't help but wonder how the family is doing right now.

Although media attention probably brings a renewed hope to family who still don't have answers, I am sure that after living this nightmare for so long, it also brings a variety of confused, mixed-up, emotions.

Sometimes it seems as if some view a missing person's picture, and only recognize the case as 1 missing person.
The 'ripple effect' of this sudden,'unknown' loss, throughout family and friends, is often times not understood.

Unfortunately, in the case of a long term disappearance, family who have been grieving this unknown, often hears advice such as 'you have to get over this' or 'You need to get on with your life,' by well meaning friends.

No matter how well intended, this advice is not helpful!
HOW can someone FORGET that a person they love just DISAPPEARED???
It matters not whether it's been a year, 5 years, 10, or even 20 years. Family and friends of a missing loved one battle a grieving process similar to the grief that follows a death.
There is, however, one difference. No matter how many years it's been, this grieving process cannot end, until the day there is some type of closure.

Police say Wolf was last seen at Hanover Foods on Route 116, where she clocked out after working the 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift. She went to her residence in Conewago Township and placed her lunch box on the kitchen table, then went to her bank on Dart Drive where surveillance cameras and transaction records confirm she deposited $300 at about 7:33 a.m.
Anyone with information about the disappearance is asked to contact:
Adams County Crime Stoppers (717) 334-8057
or state police in Gettysburg (717) 334-8111
There is a cash reward offered by Crime Stoppers and callers may remain anonymous.
Adams County Woman Missing 10 Years

Wolf's loved ones said that she normally searched for the closest possible parking space at any establishment. Her Grand Prix was parked on the outskirts of Weis Market's lot, which was uncharacteristic of her. There has not been any activity on Wolf's credit cards since January 1999. She left all of her clothing behind at her residence, as well as her cellular phone, which she normally carried everywhere. Only Wolf's purse was missing; it has never been recovered. She normally packed many items if she was planning to go on a trip anywhere.
READ MORE... The Charley Project

After watching the story about Diane on the news, I googled her name, and came across a message board with a discussion of her disappearance.
Originally, I was just going to leave a message there, instead of writing a post here on ~LostFaces~

I guess "Evening Sun-TOPIX" deems the link of a supportive missing persons site as terroristic or inappropriate or something, as my post was deleted...

But then while this is just a news story for some, to me it is the many family members and friends of a missing loved one, who might be seeking some kind of help somewhere.
The Topix link above has comments that vary in opinion and theory, for anyone who might be interested.

In case family, or a friend of Diane somehow wind up here on ~LostFaces~
this is my original message that was deleted from TOPIX.

My prayers for the family who has lived this 10 year nightmare!
And now that the case is being highlighted after 10 years, I am most positive that emotions throughout the family is quite frustrated and mixed.
If any family reads this, feels as if they have nowhere to turn, or don't think that anyone understands what it is you are going through,
May I suggest Peace4 the Missing

This is not a site that just posts info on missing persons, but instead is an interactive group, that encourages family who has missing loved ones to connect with, aide, share tips on continuing the search, and supporting each other.
There is no 'professional counseling' just many others who are (or have been) where you are now.
(and yes, I have been there myself, finally just making contact with one of 2 missing sons...after a long, 10 year search)

Somewhere, I read about a billboard being put up.
Can anyone confirm this, please? If this is correct, is it being donated, or does the family need to come up with money for it?
Billboards have been known to actually help, even in a 'cold case.'
So I don't see a billboard as a waste of time. It very well could give someone a 'case of the
guilties' or trigger a memory that's been buried or forgotten in time.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have You Seen Me?
~Katelyn Delevante~


missing from Mitchellville, MD, has been restricted.

I will be featuring 'Have You Seen Me?' as they arrive in my mailbox. They are indeed those small pictures on the back of junk mail that's often times thrown away, without even a second glance. If you googled Katelyn Delevante because of the "Have You Seen Me?" picture, and that's how you wound up reading this, please take an extra moment, and drop me a line on the comment box.

The child may be in the company of her non-custodial mother. They may have left the state or they may have left the country and traveled to Canada. The child has pierced ears. The child may use the last name Delevante.

I've googled Katelyn's name, yet other than a few sites like mine, I haven't been able to find out much more than what NCMEC reports.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christian Adoption Agency:
Babies on the 'Auction Block?'

January 23, 2009 Adoption Situations

The following are our most current situations available to our clients:
*NEW* Caucasian/African-American Boy, 2/10/09, UT, $23K + potential medical
expenses, *BM used marijuana during pregnancy and wants open adoption with poss
2.) *NEW* African-America/Hispanic Girl, 2/28/09, Maryland, $20K,
Alcohol exp during pregnancy
3.) *NEW* Caucasian/Hispanic Unk Gender, $35K,
4.) Caucasian Unk Gender, $37K, June
5.) Caucasian/African-American
Boy, $30-35K, Apr
6.) Caucasian/African-American Boy, $30-35K, June
African-American Boy, 2/23/09, $20K, GA
blog it

I am more than disgusted by this dehumanization process! Apparently, I'm not the only one.
I'd first read of this 'adoption tactic' on
Ca cha cha cha ching$$$$$$

For some reason, Cheerio actually scarfed a few comments from readers, before all comments mysteriously disappeared from the 'auction block site'
One of the posters took time to share a heartfelt story of growing up as an adopted child...THAT was even deleted.

What is this adoption agency afraid of? Are they afraid of those who have been there, sharing THEIR opinions of adoption?
If you are interested in what a few people had to say about this, before their POV was deleted, take a moment to visit
Ca cha cha cha ching$$$$$$
(Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Cheerio)

I am so disgusted with *cough sputter cough*
"A path of the heart", that I said to myself,
"Self...let's share this disgusting, insensitive post with other bloggers who might see through this money making scheme called adoption!"

Legally Kidnapped didn't post on it once...but TWICE!
(Thank you for responding, LK!)

BUT it didn't stop there...here's another opinion concerned about posting babies on an 'auction block'

This needs to stop. Why can't people see there is a reason for adoption reform? That blog goes against everything that is ethical and moral in this world. It breaks my heart to see little ones being so callously used to fill the desires of adults who should know better. READ MORE...
The sick business that is Adoption


We are also quite educated on the matter of Mother/Child exploitation, a grave subject Michelle Obama just got a taste of. And if our First Lady can feel that her daughter's are being used for the purpose of marketing then I wonder what she would think of a stomach turning list selling real life children for Adoption that I saw yesterday on the wonderful Cheerio's (Surviving Adoption Loss) blog (trashing the following like everyone should be of course) READ MORE...
Paper Roses, Life Like Dolls and Careless Hearts

Monday, January 26, 2009

So, Why Light a Candle?
~Joshua Bryan Smith~

So, why light a candle? Will it help bring Joshua Bryan Smith home?
I highly doubt it! Then what's the purpose? Since lighting this candle won't help bring Joshua home, is it just a waste of time?
Taking a moment to light a candle is not a waste of time, to family and friends who are searching for him. Lighting a candle for Joshua gives this family an extra boost of much needed support, to 'keep on keepin' on'.

Unlike most people who will come across this post, the family and friends of Joshua cannot just move on to the next story. Instead, they have been living the nightmare of searching for someone they care about and love, since November 4th, 2000.

Please take a moment to leave a few words of encouragement and light a candle at
The Joshua B. Smith Shrine
This 'Random act of kindness' on your part would likely be a comfort to those who have been searching for Joshua all these years. It reminds family and friends that there ARE people out here who will NOT let Joshua's name be forgotten.

Nov 2 2008 11:38 AM
Dear Josh:

I have no doubt in my heart and mind that you are still out there somewhere among the living and I pray that you somehow find this myspace page, just so you know that you are so loved and missed by your family and your friends.

Josh, just come on home. Contact your family. You are loved and missed, and don't you even worry about anyone being mad about you being away...we just want you home and to know you are safe, and we can't wait to hear the stories of your adventures.

Love, G., your family, and your friends.

Joshua Bryan Smith: Pray Him Home

Name: Joshua Bryan Smith
Classification: Endangered Missing Adult
Alias / Nickname: Josh
Date of Birth: 1977-11-04
Date Missing: 2000-11-04
From City/State: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Age at Time of Disappearance: 23
Gender: Male
Race: White
Height: 70 inches
Weight: 150 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Circumstances of Disappearance
Unknown. Joshua left work early that day and parked his vehicle on Ponte Vedra Blvd. in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. His vehicle was later located and his shoes were found on the beach. Although there have been extensive searches conducted by law enforcement, his whereabouts remain unknown.

If you believe you have any information please contact
St. John's Sheriff's Office at (904) 810-6644

Link for NCMA Printable Poster

Monday4 the Missing ~Bradley Olsen~

Olsen's friends had picked him up on Jan. 19 at the Maple Park, IL home he shared with his parents. After a night on the town at Bar One in DeKalb (1000 W. Lincoln Hwy), his friends--a married couple, his mother recalled--left early while Olsen stayed behind. At closing time, he called a friend for a ride home. (He last used his cell phone at 2:24 a.m., police said.) The friend was unable to pick him up. The last anyone remembers seeing him was about 2:25 a.m. on Jan. 20 when he was trying to find a ride home. He is still missing. READ MORE...

Footprints At The River's Edge: 01/20/07: Brad Olsen, 26, DeKalb, IL--STILL MISSING

Myspace is used quite often by families who are searching for a loved one.
Please take time to visit and show support to a family who is in a 'limbo world' of searching for Brad. Or if you already have a myspace profile, please add

Help Find Me! I'm Brad Olsen (Myspace)
This past January 20th marks a 2 year anniversary. 2 years of NOT KNOWING what happened to Brad. Yet in spite of the pain, local families are pulling resources together.

By ERIKA WURST ewurst@scn1.com
"It's hard to envision all of these people that are still out there, despite the continued efforts we all put into it," Olsen said, pointing to missing women Lisa Stebic and
Stacy Peterson and St. Charles resident
John Spira as recent examples.

Stebic went missing from her Plainfield home in April 2007; Petersen, of Bolingbrook, has not been seen since October 2007; and Spira was last seen at his workplace in West Chicago in February 2007.

"Our vicinities are so close together, within 45 minutes of each other. It's not a stretch of the imagination that we could find any one of these people in any location," Sue Olsen said.

And though Olsen's faith remains solid, the terror of not knowing what has happened to her son weighs on her.

"There is never really closure. But when something is solved you at least know for certain what happened. For us, we don't know," Olsen said. "Were they brutally tortured? Were they just beat up and left for dead in the freezing weather? Were they shot and taken somewhere? Were their bodies taken to some other state? You don't know, and it drives you crazy thinking about all of the possibilities."

So instead of dwelling, Olsen is determined to move forward, teaming up with other families of the missing to create a search army. In sharing resources and manpower, Olsen said the odds of finding previously missed clues continue to increase.

Brad Olsen: Missing but Not Forgotten

Date of Birth: 1980-04-04
Date Missing: 2007-01-20
From City/State: DeKalb, IL
Age at Time of Disappearance: 26
Gender: Male
Race: White
Height: 68 inches
Weight: 175 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Identifying Characteristics:
Surgical scar center of back, tattoo on left ankle of a "palm tree", tattoo between shoulders on back of a "sun". Previously broken left leg and little finger on right hand

If you believe you have any information, please contact:
Dekalb Police Department at (815) 748-8400

Link to NCMA printable Poster

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monday4 the Missing ~Mary Badaracco~

Posted by Beth Profeta on January 30, 2009
A complete stranger has just paid for moms billboard, It has been a dream of mine these last 15+ years to be able to get a billboard put up to help gain answers regarding our Mother's disappearance. ..To get her face out in the public eye.... As we know someone, somewhere within our community knows Something. We , the family have never been able to afford to do this on our own. Nor have we ever been a family to ask for help with anything other than begging for justice ! However I will confess that after 24 years... Im exhausted and I just want our mother's disappearance solved. READ MORE...
After 24 years, Mary Badaracco will have her billboard!

Written by Mary Badaracco's daughter, Beth Profeta

My life was shattered 24 years ago. My mom,Mary Badaracco, vanished from her home. Yes I did say 24 YEARS! The last person that saw my mom alive, her husband of 14 years, STILL HAS NO COMMENT! This man, our ex stepfather, TOLD US TO "TELL NO-ONE and DO NOT GO TO THE COPS". He told us his lawyer would handle it, however...the only thing his lawyer did was slither into court and enter a motion for divorce on the grounds of desertion, only 9 days after mom supposedly disappeared, without reporting her missing. Meanwhile, he already had his mistress moved into my mom's house.

About 10 days had already passed by the time I was finally told that my mom had supposedly "taken off" on August 20, 1984. I knew right away something was terribly wrong, I knew our mom would have never "taken off", not after all we'd been through together! I was also told her car remained at her home, a smashed windshield was evident, I suppose only to me, that foul play should be suspected as it was in the driveway, damaged.

So I, (as usual) defied his orders and convinced my sister, who was still in a state of shock from being told the previous week by this ex family that our mom was missing, my only sister,who was told to especially not tell me that our mom was gone. Why would she comply? I feel she was scared to death that our worst nightmare
had come true! The day had come that they went too far and really hurt our mom! Once I knew I told my sister that we must run, not walk, to the police!

Throughout our moms 14year marriage to this man, she also raised all 4 of his kids. We were subjected to much domestic abuse from these sickos. By the time mom realized this, she didn't have a clue how to get away from him! Several times after he'd beat our mom severely we'd flee the home and stay with friends only for him to eventually find us and bring us back to that house, usually by threats and force, or as in one instance, having our Grandma by knife point, while my sis and I could only run and hide under the bed and cry.

Back in the 60's and 70's she never reported this to police. Why would she? He is friends with the cops, he still is friends with people in high places, that's why this case is not solved!

One crucial error the state police made is regarding our moms damaged car. The CSP investigator 1st on scene was "D B's" buddy. They believed him when he told them "the bitch took off and stole my money, too". He told one cop that mom broke the windshield of her car that was left at her house, but he was overheard telling another trooper that he did it! Although I kept asking about the car for over 20 years, I was like a frikken broken record. I insisted the police find this car, I knew it was a key piece of evidence! The police told me to find the VIN number and they would run a search, even though I later found out they, of course, had mom's license plate number the entire time. " D B" got rid of her car and was never even questioned about the whereabouts of this car!

We have had our 1st arrest in all these years. A new state trooper has uncovered much information that has been concealed from us. (a relative of "D B" ) It's only a misdemeanor charge. I thought it was a start. This man is accused of interfering with a homicide investigation.

We believe he buried moms car according to what police learned while interviewing this suspect. A huge excavation took place, 3 cars were recovered, unearthed from this mans backyard, but mom's car was not found. The suspect was scheduled to be in court Dec 5th to possibly accept a guilty plea and a $250 fine and
wow- that's it! Why are we sending the message that it's ok to lie to state police investigators, you will basically just walk away!

As mom's belongings were completely removed, not even a link ball remained of her. In her house, the day she "WENT MISSING" in1984, her belongings, as well as her remains, could be in that car! A few weeks back when the prosecutor told me they were just going to plea him out with that fine, I let him know how unhappy I was. I told him "D B" carries that in his left pocket daily, who is that going to hurt?

I then decided I'd go to the court to see this for myself. However, his lawyer felt the need to pull something shady. On the morning of court last month, supposedly the day of this final continuance, after I drove almost an hour, his lawyer called in (after 9:30 am) and said they needed a new date as she has another murder case somewhere else and can not be there to represent him. I was so furious because this attorney had almost 2 months to get her calendar straight! I immediately asked to speak with the judge and my wish was granted, in her open court with the accused to my right!

I suppose I watch too much TV because I thought my request would be a discussion, privately, in chambers! This was one of the hardest things I'd ever done, trying to be mom's voice in a court of law for the very first time in 24 years, I pleaded with the court to impose the maximum sentence!

I keep hoping and praying that one day, someone with ovaries/testicles will truly hear my story, realizing something must be done, stand up beside me and help me fight this evil.

Believe me, if I had ANY money, I would certainly have been paying for justice for my mom. I can only use every fiber of my being to right this wrong. I've tried to make this broken justice system work for my mother, my family! Something is seriously wrong when killers are allowed to get away with murder.

In my case, not only do we know in our hearts who killed our mom, but they hid our moms remains somewhere. What kind of a monster does that! He also made my mother quit claim her home to him for $1 about 6 weeks prior to her disappearance, and he still resides in mom's house with his mistress, now wife. He took the home out of OUR moms name and gave it to his 3rd wife.

I only want this case solved! The tragedy that happened to my family so long ago threw my sister and I into a state of shock we still feel to this day!

We have been left shattered, still trying to put the pieces of ourselves back together. We thought this was supposed to be moms time for working so hard raising 6 kids and putting up with all the abuse all those years! 6 kids were grown and out of the house, this was supposed to be her time to enjoy life! But mom found out about the affair, and we believe she finally wanted out,like this was the last straw.

This family took everything from us, our childhoods, our mother and even now he takes from my life!

He (and those that keep his secret) also killed a part of me that day too. I have never been the same since my world was shattered in August 1984! My mother was the most beautiful spirit, she was always there helping anyone that needed anything! To further my pain and suffering,authorities made so many mistakes. I've pushed and screamed to be my mothers voice all these 24 years and now I'm being told that even this old state police trooper buddy has lawyered up!

We know that there are people within the community, as well as several persons of interest that do have the missing puzzle piece that we need to solve this case.

I struggle every day to get out of bed to fight for what's right ! Until I know exactly what happened to my mom and I know we've done everything possible to locate her remains, I will be tortured by this ongoing tragic event that occurred in 1984. I can only best describe this daymare as...my mom cries out to my spirit for help!

I have been a wife and mom of 4 for 27 years. I am busy, but the disappearance and
unsolved homicide of my mother, well, it is just there with me every single day, I feel the loss of her beautiful presence.

I ask why have I been tortured by this for so long? Because my state has allowed this crime to go unsolved all these years. I continue to fight for my mom and those that I didn't even know, others that are missing. On behalf of my children, my goal is to show my kids, my nephew and my family that justice really does exist,decent people really do care!

Please join me in a prayer that all of our missing loved ones will be returned to us. Pray that our lawmakers will assist us in making tougher laws. If society no longer knows the difference between right and wrong, then it is our obligation to remind them with a few more laws !

Thank you Peace4 the Missing....4 being here 4 us!

Please feel free to visit this daughter's promise to her mother...to NOT let people forget!

Angel Hugz and Blessings!

 Please join us at Peace4 the Missing
Missing Persons Network and Support

Friday, January 16, 2009

Where is George Robert 'Skip' Zelaya?

Unfortunately, there were no surveillance cameras outside the mall, leaving detectives with no solid proof that Skip had parked his vehicle there. Investigators conducted a search of the area and brought in a cadaver dog to assist them; however, they were unable to find any indication that Skip was in the area.

According to a journal that Skip's now-deceased brother, Joe Zelaya, maintained during Skip's disappearance, he received an interesting clue in the mail on January 25, 2005. His journal entry read in part ... Read more about this case at
The Mysterious Disappearance of George Robert "Skip" Zelaya

Missing George Robert 'Skip' Zelaya

The link to a pdf format printable poster can be found on
National Center for Missing Adults

Friday, January 9, 2009

~SHOUT OUT~ @ Congressman Jason Chaffetz

I seldom say anything about elected officials, because I rarely have anything nice to say ...

So, a SHOUT OUT to Congressman Jason Chaffetz, and family, for making such a sacrifice!
Thank You!!!

Jason Chaffetz

Rest in Peace ~Aretha Maria Fernandez~

I was busy getting information out about a new Rilya Alert, when I noticed a new post written by Delilah, on Mothers are Vanishing...

A South Carolina mother's worst fears are unfolding as remains were found and authorities are 99% sure they belong to Aretha Maria Fernandez who has been missing since last September 3 leaving behind a small son.
Mothers are Vanishing

Previous post for Aretha Maria Fernandez HERE

Rest in Peace ~Alexis Glover~

WOODBRIDGE, Va. - Investigators have found the body of a missing 13-year-old developmentally disabled girl's body in Woodbridge Friday afternoon, police said.
It was found near the Old Hickory Golf Club, off Asdee Lane.

Investigators have been searching for the body of 13-year-old Alexis Glover, who disappeared after leaving the Central Library in Manassas on Wednesday.
Missing Girl's Body Found in Woodbridge

Alexis was found Friday 7.9 miles from where she disappeared, Prince William County police Maj. Ray Colgan said.

Chief Deane told reporters Friday night that it appears the girl was slain. He said the circumstances surrounding the case point to a homicide, but would not elaborate.
Chief: Girl likely murdered

Written by Tom Hunsicker
9NEWS NOW and wusa9.com
The adoptive mother of Alexis Glover has been arrested and is charged with felony child neglect and filing a false police report.

Earlier Tuesday, Prince William County Police searched the house of Alfreedia Leona Gregg-Glover looking for clues into her adopted daughter's death. At around 10:00pm Tuesday night, Alexis Glover's adoptive mother was arrested. She is currently behing held without bond.

Police believe that Alexis Glover was murdered at an unknown location, and her body was dumped in Woodbridge. As of now, no murder charges have been filed in Glover's death.
Arrest Made In Alexis Glover Murder Case

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And 10 years later... ~Adam Herrman~


Butler County Attorney Jan Satterfield says no human remains have been found in the search for Adam Herrman, but there's still a chance for first-degree murder charges, with the underlying crime being child abuse.

"They are the suspects in this case," Butler County Attorney Jan Satterfield said of Doug and Valerie Herrman.

Age progression photo
NCMEC Printable Poster

I first read about the search for a child missing 10 years ago, on Legally Kidnapped.

No, LE is not reopening an old case because of new tips. This is the FIRST TIME anyone has NOTICED that this boy had been missing....for TEN YEARS!

Adam was born on June 8, 1987. He was adopted by Doug and Valerie Herrman, out of foster care, when he was 2 and 1/2 years old. Adam and his adoptive parents lived at Pine Ridge mobile home park in Towanda, Kansas.
A few weeks ago, an annonymous person called the Childrens Missing and Exploited Unit to report Adam missing.
Even though the Herrmans have since moved, Butler County Police are investigating the site where the mobile home once stood. The police are considering them as 'persons of interest' in the case.

"He was a problem child. He ran away frequently to the point of exasperation," Eisenbise said. "My clients feel very guilty that the last time he left they didn't make an attempt to locate him. Every other time, the police were called or he wandered back. They assumed he found one of his siblings or went back to his biological parents."
"They want to say they are innocent of any wrongdoing other than not reporting the child missing, which is an offense in Kansas as you know," he said. "The issue of a possible homicide is what I am troubled with, because they did not do it."

Sure, they feel guilty for not reporting an eleven year old child as missing...guilty enough to continue claiming Adam as a dependent for tax purposes! A 'run away-problem child' at the young age of 11 screams of trouble in the home!
As of yet, investigators have not confirmed whether or not Adam had a history of running away.
Adam was being homeschooled at the time of his disappearance.

Sheriff Craig Murphy says they are treating the case as a death investigation. But he says there's no evidence to prove he's dead and Adam may be out there somewhere. Murphy says by investigating it as a death, they cover a lot more information. Murphy says they've done computer data searches on Adam and nothing comes up on him after 1999.

Adam would be 21 years old now.

Several eye witness interviews with family members, including Adams adoptive brother, mention Adam being abused. These family members were told that Adam was returned to foster care, so nobody realized he was missing.

Friday, 09 January 2009
The family of a missing Towanda boy continued to collect money from the state for caring for the boy after he disappeared. The Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services could not immediately determine how much money in adoption subsidies Valerie and Doug Herrman received after Adam Herrman disappeared in 1999. He was 11 at the time, but he never was reported missing. Authorities only recently began searching for him after receiving a tip. So far no arrests have been made or charges filed. Welfare officials also disclosed yesterday that Adam once was taken away from the Herrmans after a claim of physical abuse was made. He was returned two days later after authorities were unable to substantiate the allegations.
Parents of Missing Adam Herrman Defrauded State

Adoptive brother speaks out

Video Links
Missing boy's uncle blames sister
New search areas for missing boy

If you have information,
(316) 322-4254 or
(316) 322-4398 ext 8
and ask to speak to an investigator regarding the Adam Herrman case.

Sources & Links
Is Adam Herrman Still Alive?
Sheriff: Search for Adam Herrman Continues

Adam Herrman- homeschooled and gone missing for years, parents continued to receive subsidies
Baby Love Child

Extensive coverage on Adam Herrman
What Happened to Adam?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Someday he'll find you ...

It is amazing how often people who are not personally involved with adoption freely give their opinions on the subject. They may not say it out loud; however, they really do consider themselves “knowledgeable.” They quickly become indignant if you even HINT that maybe there is more to adoption than they know.


In a way I can’t fault them. After all, I guess I was one of those all-wise-about-adoption people. I knew what adoption was, and how wonderful it is, and would emphatically proclaim it as a win/win situation.

And yes, it is all that.

It IS wonderful and it IS a win/win – IF, and I repeat IF
I said it is wonderful IF you are on the RECEIVING END of adoption.

Someday he'll find you ...

Endangered Missing 1998 ~ 2000

This is NOT the entire list of missing children from 1998-2001. At this time, there are approximately 721 Endangered Missing cases listed with NCMEC.
81 of those cases are 1998-2000.
The link for each missing child listed here, is the direct link to a
NCMEC printable poster.

If you live near any of these locations, have a printer, and have the time to pass out a few flyers, you could very well save a life someday! Your help is appreciated!
Thank You!


Oct. 25, 2000
Endangered Missing
East Chicago, IN.

Sep. 30, 2000
Endangered Missing
Plantation, FL.

Aug. 19, 2000
Endangered Missing
Sacramento County, CA.

Aug. 19, 2000
Endangered Missing
Sacramento County, CA.

June 7, 2000
Endangered Missing
Whidbey Island, WA.

June 7, 2000
Endangered Missing
Santa Fe, NM.

Dec. 30, 1999
Endangered Missing
Welch, OK.

Dec. 30, 1999
Endangered Missing
Welch, OK.

Oct. 19, 1999
Endangered Missing
Christiana, TN.

Aug.13, 1999
Endangered Missing
Marshall, TX.

Aug. 4, 1999
Endangered Missing
Glen Burnie, MD.

July 22, 1999
Endangered Missing
Long Beach, CA.

July 2, 1999
Endangered Missing
Columbus, OH.

May 15, 1999
Endangered Missing
Lima, OH.

March 18, 1999
Endangered Missing
Brooklyn, NY.

Jan. 2, 1999
Endangered Missing
Mesa, AZ.

Nov. 15, 1998
Endangered Missing
Naples, FL.

Oct. 30, 1998
Endangered Missing
Montgomery, AL.

Oct. 26, 1998
Endangered Missing
Amarillo, TX.

Oct. 8, 1998
Endangered Missing
Whitley City, KY.

Sep. 22, 1998
Endangered Missing
Flint, MI.

July 17, 1998
Endangered Missing
San Antonio, TX.

May 7, 1998
Endangered Missing
Ocala, FL.

March 2, 1998
Endangered Missing
West Covina, CA.

Endangered Missing 2001~2002

This is NOT the entire list of missing children from 2001-2002. At this time, there are approximately 721 Endangered Missing cases listed with NCMEC.
64 of those cases are 2001-2002.

The link for each missing child listed here, is the direct link to a
NCMEC printable poster.

If you live near any of these locations, have a printer, and have the time to pass out a few flyers, you could very well save a life someday! Your help is appreciated!
Thank You.


Dec. 31, 2002
Endangered Missing
Columbus, OH.

Dec. 20, 2002
Endangered Missing
Johnsburg, IL.

Oct. 14, 2002
Endangered Missing
Valdosta, GA.

Sep. 29, 2002
Endangered Missing
Whiteville, NC.

June 25, 2002
Endangered Missing
Dunellen, NJ.

April 12, 2002

Endangered Missing
Statesville, NC.

March 7, 2002
Endangered Missing
Baltimore, MD.

March 6, 2002
Endangered Missing
Gaithersburg, MD.

Nov. 30, 2001
Endangered Missing
Grand Junction, CO.

Nov. 21, 2001
Endangered Missing
Newport, OR.

Oct. 23, 2001
Endangered Missing
San Antonio, TX.

Sep. 14, 2001
Endangered Missing
Phoenix, AZ.

Sep. 2, 2001
Endangered Missing
Grand Canyon, AZ.

Aug. 19, 2001
Endangered Missing
FT. Washington, MD.

June 2, 2001
Endangered Missing
Baltimore, MD.

May 12, 2001
Endangered Missing
La Grange, NC.

March 23, 2001
Endangered Missing
Buffalo, NY.

March 4, 2001
Endangered Missing
Jackson, TN.

Feb. 3, 2001
Endangered Missing
West Chesterfield, NH.