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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christian Adoption Agency:
Babies on the 'Auction Block?'

January 23, 2009 Adoption Situations

The following are our most current situations available to our clients:
*NEW* Caucasian/African-American Boy, 2/10/09, UT, $23K + potential medical
expenses, *BM used marijuana during pregnancy and wants open adoption with poss
2.) *NEW* African-America/Hispanic Girl, 2/28/09, Maryland, $20K,
Alcohol exp during pregnancy
3.) *NEW* Caucasian/Hispanic Unk Gender, $35K,
4.) Caucasian Unk Gender, $37K, June
5.) Caucasian/African-American
Boy, $30-35K, Apr
6.) Caucasian/African-American Boy, $30-35K, June
African-American Boy, 2/23/09, $20K, GA
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I am more than disgusted by this dehumanization process! Apparently, I'm not the only one.
I'd first read of this 'adoption tactic' on
Ca cha cha cha ching$$$$$$

For some reason, Cheerio actually scarfed a few comments from readers, before all comments mysteriously disappeared from the 'auction block site'
One of the posters took time to share a heartfelt story of growing up as an adopted child...THAT was even deleted.

What is this adoption agency afraid of? Are they afraid of those who have been there, sharing THEIR opinions of adoption?
If you are interested in what a few people had to say about this, before their POV was deleted, take a moment to visit
Ca cha cha cha ching$$$$$$
(Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Cheerio)

I am so disgusted with *cough sputter cough*
"A path of the heart", that I said to myself,
"Self...let's share this disgusting, insensitive post with other bloggers who might see through this money making scheme called adoption!"

Legally Kidnapped didn't post on it once...but TWICE!
(Thank you for responding, LK!)

BUT it didn't stop there...here's another opinion concerned about posting babies on an 'auction block'

This needs to stop. Why can't people see there is a reason for adoption reform? That blog goes against everything that is ethical and moral in this world. It breaks my heart to see little ones being so callously used to fill the desires of adults who should know better. READ MORE...
The sick business that is Adoption


We are also quite educated on the matter of Mother/Child exploitation, a grave subject Michelle Obama just got a taste of. And if our First Lady can feel that her daughter's are being used for the purpose of marketing then I wonder what she would think of a stomach turning list selling real life children for Adoption that I saw yesterday on the wonderful Cheerio's (Surviving Adoption Loss) blog (trashing the following like everyone should be of course) READ MORE...
Paper Roses, Life Like Dolls and Careless Hearts


Delilah said...

Thanks for doing the homework on this most disgusting practice.

I hope it's all exposed so something will be done to keep people from selling people.

Kelli said...

This is like reading the "Used Cars for Sale" section of the newspaper. I thought selling babies was illegal, what are the fees listed-- hospital/care costs? Reading this I became sick to my stomach, what can I do to help?

mammabear said...

I realzie that adoption is necessary at times, although, from what I've been learning, the process is need of a major reform.
Unbiased counseling that tells Birth Moms the truth about adoption should be available. Adoptees SHOULD have rights.
Open adoptions SHOULD be kept open.
But I am finding out that none of this is happening. Adoption has become an industry, rather than a program that does what's in the best interest of the children.

I hate to admit that while this listing is a disgusting insult to all that's right, it's probably not illegal.

I find it to be an abomination
that innocent children are displayed much like a 'used car'
yet I'm guessing that to many, it's simply a price list.