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Monday, June 30, 2008

Barbara Grieg, US State Department, facilitates International Child Abduction

June 20, 2008 by Doug Parris

From Teri Stoddard:

For the original article follow the link here.

Karl Hindle has been working tirelessly for five years and spent more than four hundred thousand dollars investigating his daughter’s illegal abduction to the U.S. What he has uncovered is deplorable. The paper trail shows the United States government is in the business of illegal baby snatching and harboring criminals.
Emily would not have suffered the loss of her father for the last five years, or the vision in her right eye, if it weren’t for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA. PDF format) And people like Barbara Grieg of the U.S. State Department who see it as an excuse for misandry and a license for lawlessness.

Hindle, a U.K. citizen met and fell in love with American Sheila Fuith while in New York. When she moved to the U.K. in 2001 she hadn’t mentioned the husband and daughters she’d abandoned. Emily was born in the U.K. on March 1, 2002. At 5-months-old Emily was diagnosed with esotropia caused by amblyopia. She needed patching therapy, a patch worn a few hours each day, or she would lose sight in her right eye.
In February 2003 Fuith decided to leave Hindle and return to the U.S. She knew he would object to her taking Emily, so she did what many women in her position have done. She accused him of domestic violence and sexual abuse of children. Thanks to VAWA, she needed only to speak the words.
Fuith was taken in by a battered women’s shelter, and given free legal aid by the U.S. government. With no evidence and no due process, Barbara Grieg authorized the illegal abduction. The U.S. Embassy in London issued a passport for Emily without her father’s signature as required by law. The forged signature was not notarized, and had the wrong date.
After arriving in the U.S. Fuith stopped Emily’s therapy. She then tried to give Emily away in a “baby switch.” She placed Emily with the family of Leslie Merriam, a three time convicted pedophile in Wisconsin. Karl learned of this and contacted local law enforcement.
Fuith needed only to claim Karl was harassing her, and the baby switch wasn’t investigated. A call to Grieg confirmed that Hindle was “dangerous.” Captain Alan Osowski never looked at Fuith’s phone when she told him numbers from “harassing calls from Hindle.” But he wrote he had in his report.
This was just the beginning of Hindle’s harrowing five-year journey to protect his daughter. Fuith has moved Emily dozens of times through several different states. She’s filed over 100 false police reports. And Hindle has received death threats.

Two police investigations in the UK and three in the U.S. cleared Hindle of all allegations. Fuith was found guilty of coaching Emily and making false allegations. Hindle was given court-ordered reunification with Emily.

Hindle said, “Emily met her elder brother (Max) and sister (Elizabeth) for the first time in almost 3 years…as we walked into the resort hotel, Emily asked me ‘Is this my family ?

They enjoyed these visits, evidenced by these photographs, until Fuith made another false allegation and disappeared. Emily was then listed as missing and endangered.
Knowing all of this, Grieg didn’t just harbor Fuith all these years. She interfered whenever Hindle needed a visa to attend custody hearings, arranged his improper arrest, imprisonment and deportation by the immigration department, and tried to set him up to be arrested for violence. She had officers hiding in bushes while her cronies harassed Hindle. And all the while, during her many lawless and reprehensible actions, she allowed Emily to go blind.
Fuith is still enjoying VAWA-funded legal representation. Recently there was a conference call between Fuith, Hindle, their attorneys and the State Department. During the call Fuith recanted every allegation she has made against Hindle. Even hearing this, the State Department refused to budge. The reason? The allegations the mother has made.
Sheila Fuith is clearly guilty, yet has not received any punishment. Karl Hindle is completely innocent, yet has not been able to see Emily or get custody. Now the State Department wants to send him back to London to apply for a new visa.
Hindle said recently, “I’ve been here for 5 weeks, yet Emily and I have not seen each other. The judge will not enforce his orders, and the mother maintains visitation must take place in Panama City, 350 miles away. Emily and I last saw each other on May 28th, 2006!” Hindle is now on his way back to the UK without seeing Emily.

Shared Parenting Works supports United Civil Rights Councils of America, Fathers4Justice/Families4Justice, N.A.Non.Custodial.Moms, 2008 DC Rally, Children Need Both Parents, Cycling4Children, SUPPORT? System Down, R.A.D.A.R, N.C.Free.Men and all other egalitarians worldwide working together for children, families, truth, justice and equality.
“I am convinced that the world is not a mere bog in which men and women trample themselves and die. Something magnificent is taking place here amidst the cruelties and tragedies, and the supreme challenge to intelligence is that of making the noblest and best in our curious heritage prevail.” — C.A. Beard

If you’d like to send a Letter or make a phone call to to Barbara Grieg, here is her contact info:
Barbara GriegUS Central Authority, US Department of State2201 C Street, N.W. SA-29, 4th FloorWASHINGTON, DC 20520-2818United States of AmericaDirect Tel: 202-736-9142 Email: greigbj@state.gov

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

~Lilly Aramburo~

Just the other day I was trying to find a new picture of the mom missing in Miami, LillyAramburo.
'Lilly was last seen at her fiance; Christen Pacheco's apartment on June 1, 2007. She's never been seen or heard from again. Christen reported Lilly missing 24 hours later, before calling her mother or family members & friends. According to his story, she walked out of his apartment at 2am in pajamas to pick flowers and took a bungee cord with her. Justice for Lilly Aramburo '
What I found instead of a picture of Lilly:
'Lilly Aramburo: Is This the Crime Scene?' Five days have passed since Miami Police received information that the(above) property, if searched, could produce results in the disappearance of Lilly Aramburo, who has not been seen since June 1, 2007.
Miami Police Department, where are you?

Printable Poster

Is additional foster care the answer?

Am I the only one who finds the following 'trend' an alarming step in the wrong direction? The below posts are only 3 listings out of 57.

~FOSTER FAMILIESFamilies urgently needed. More children than ever before can no longer live in there own homes. You can help by becoming a foster parent. Call FCCY, 1-800-747-3807. EOE

~FOSTER FAMILY RECRUITER: Seeking an individual in the Leesport/Harrisburg area who has excellent communication and people skills to recruit foster families. Prior sales experience a plus. Must be flexible with schedule as evening and weekend work will occur, with frequent traveling. This is a FULL TIME position with a salary range of $21,600$24,000 including an EXCELLENT benefit package. Please send resume to: Family Care for Children & Youth, 2 5 Belford Blvd, Milton, PA 17847. Attn: Crissi Cox. EOE

~TFI Family Services Inc. TFI FTFI Family Services Inc.TFI Family Services, a state wide mental health/social Service agency, has immediate openings for a full time Resource Family worker in our Pittsburg office.Responsibilities include managing caseload of foster care placements, coordinating with other agencies that provide services, assessing placement needs, safety, family strengths and resources for child and foster/kinship caregivers. Licensed Master�??s or Bachelor�??s degree in Social Work preferred. Bachelor�??s degree in social service field with two or more years of experience is required.Benefits include: Paid health/ dental/ life insurance, 401 (k) employer matched plan, paid holidays, sick, and vacation, Annual Longevity bonus, Overtime pay, Flexible work schedules, Agency vehicle fleet, and more…

What's the company name for this last add? How does 'The Farm' sound? Like a meat packing plant, perhaps? The Sentinel Jobs
What will become of families if Child Protective Services has monetary incentive to find placement facilities for children? Is CPS making more $ to find new living arrangements for a child, than a person can possibly earn by working an honest living?
Don't get me wrong...I'm not saying that taking a child out of an abusive home environment is wrong. But with incentives like the ones listed above, how easy will it become for CPS to redefine the term abusive? Who determines that a foster family is any better than the natural family?

"Words cannot describe the travesty of justice suffered by these children who, rather than receiving the protection of the state, gave their lives in a most horrible and painful death because of a failed and unaccountable system of administration," says Schaefer.[36]
"We have to ask ourselves whether we're doing children a service by taking them out of their homes and placing them in a system that's just as unable to meet their needs," says District Judge Bill Jones of Charlotte, North Carolina.
"Are we doing them more harm than good?"
Says District Judge Deborah Burgin of Rutherfordton, North Carolina: "If you take on the responsibility to take care of someone - and are paid to take care of someone - the least we can ask is that they come out of it alive."[37]

Friday, June 20, 2008

~Jessica Vargas Biatriz~

How is a missing child categorized? How does one determine the 'level of urgency' from one missing case to the next? Why is it that one particular child receives a massive amount of media coverage, while another child is never even heard of? Is one missing person of a lesser value than the next?
Jessica Vargas Biatriz

Leticia Biatriz Martinez


Jessica was last seen on November 4, 2006. She (may?) be in the company of her mother. They may have traveled to New York City. Jessica may appear in NCIC with the last name Vargas.

It's not an easy task finding Jessica in NCMEC. If you type Jessica Vargas in, she's not there.
She's not listed if you type Biatriz in as her last name, either. You can only find Jessica's information if you type Jessica (first name) and Vargas Biatriz (last name).
Her profile page has her listed as Lost, injured or missing...while her poster has her listed as endangered missing.

CNN Transcripts
Aired November 6, 2006 - 20:00:00 ET

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (voice-over): Still moaning in pain, Eduardo Vargas pleads for his daughter`s safe return. He shows us where he was repeatedly stabbed in the chest as his 4-year-old daughter, Jessica, was snatched from his arms. The pain is nothing compared to his heartache: His daughter Jessica is missing.
(END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: In Sanford, Florida, a father is attacked, nearly fatally, all in an effort to get his 4-year-old daughter away from him. She has now been kidnapped. To the editor of the "Sanford Herald," Steve Parity is with us.
Steve, what happened?
STEVE PARADIS, EDITOR, "SANFORD HERALD": Well, Nancy, this is what we know. On Saturday night, just before 10:00, a woman named Leticia Martinez and four men knocked on the door of an apartment here in Sanford, and police said Leticia demanded the return of her daughter. That`s Jessica Vargas Beatriz, who is 4.
And Jessica, the daughter, who was with her biological father, Eduardo Vargas, he was in the apartment and refused to hand her over. A fight ensued, and four men in the apartment, including the father, were stabbed in the fight. And one of the men who lived in the apartment, a guy named Osman Riviera Alvardo (ph), 29 years old, he died later in the hospital.
GRACE: Right. To Marc Klaas, president of Beyond Missing, what`s your take on the case?
MARC KLAAS, FOUNDER OF BEYOND MISSING: Well, first of all, if ever a case has risen to the level of Amber Alert, this would be it, yet no Amber Alert was issued. I mean, my goodness, somebody died.
This is really interesting in that this is something that`s going to be dealt with in the Latino community. The mother was just up from Mexico. The father doesn`t speak English. What we need in this country and what we have at Beyond Missing, quite frankly, are Spanish-language flyers, and we need outreach to Spanish-language media, Telemundo and all of those amazing radio stations that exist, particularly along the border area.
People have to understand that there are 20 million American citizens who speak Spanish as a primary language. And we have to be able to get into those, you know, into those homes with Spanish-language flyers and with Spanish-language alerts, because that`s where the case exists, and that`s where the case will be solved.
GRACE: To Mike Brooks, former D.C. cop and former fed with the FBI, Mike, I believe this child is still alive. What I don`t understand is why police are not naming the biological mom as a suspect. You`ve got somebody stabbed to death on the apartment floor. The father is stabbed in the chest. He nearly dies, by the way. And the baby`s gone.
MIKE BROOKS, FORMER D.C. POLICE: Yes, I think the baby`s still alive, too, Nancy. And they have put out a lookout for her and the compact car that she was last seen in leaving the apartment.
Apparently, she came there. It sounds to me like it was planned. She came there with four men to get the baby back. And she was going to get that baby back one way or the other, Nancy. Four people stabbed, one fatally. Then, she left with one of the stabbers and the child in this white compact car that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has put a lookout for.
The other car, gone, don`t have a good lookout on that, as of yet. But they`re going to need also contact the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, and work with them, because, number one, are these people who were involved in this, did they come into the country legally? Are they going to have any fingerprints on file?
They`re going to go ahead and do the crime scene of the apartment, and I`m sure they`re going to glean some evidence from there. But is there anything to compare that evidence to, Nancy? I`m talking about fingerprint evidence and those kinds of things.
GRACE: Well, back to Marc Klaas. Marc, this isn`t just about the kidnapping of a child, because I believe the mother has the child. This is a murder. This is a stabbing death where a guy was left to bleed to death on the apartment floor.
KLAAS: Yes, that`s absolutely correct. And I think, again, that`s why this should have been an immediate Amber Alert. But what we have now is a little girl who was in the custody of somebody who is willing to kill. And I mean, my goodness, if there`s ever been a child endangered, it`s this child.
One would hope that they would have alerts out on the borders so that this individual could be caught if they`re trying to get across the border. And, again, certainly, you know, get this stuff out into the Latino community, because this truly is where this case is going to be solved, and obviously sooner rather than later. We know that, as time goes on, it becomes more and more difficult to recover these children alive. The probability goes down greatly.
GRACE: Well, of course, if a child is traveling with a murderer, Jean Casarez, with Court TV, what else can you tell us?
JEAN CASAREZ, COURT TV: You know, Nancy, there`s a lot of crimes here. You`ve got kidnapping. You`ve got murder. You`ve got various theories of that murder, felony murder or premeditation. You could have a death case.
And this mother, the family is from Mexico, so they could be traveling toward the border. We know how Mexico feels about extraditing someone that is facing the death penalty. So one reason they could not be naming her as a suspect, just focusing in on the care of the child is because of that concern, that she could be fleeing to Mexico and they will never get her back.
GRACE: Out to the lines, William in Texas. Hi, William. Hi, dear, what`s your question?
CALLER: Hello. I was wondering how effective is the Amber Alert as to when people actually -- or have the kids that are out there, that actually be put on the Amber Alert, how effective is it?
GRACE: You mean does it work? Yes, until these people cross the Mexican border, Marc Klaas, I think Amber Alert is very helpful.
KLAAS: Well, I think an Amber Alert can even be effective in Mexico, but I think the whole Amber Alert concept has gotten a little bit out of whack, because what you have to do is you have to put the child in the middle of any kind of an Amber Alert distribution, whether it`s via radio stations, television stations, flyers out to service stations, et cetera.
And if you do that, and you create a 200- to 400-mile radius, you`re going to have a much greater chance of recovering the child than if you just go on a state-based system.
GRACE: So bottom line, it is effective. And there is no Amber Alert here.
To psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig, what effect is this going to have on a 4-year-old little girl that saw her father stabbed in the chest, saw another man stabbed to death?
DR. ROBI LUDWIG, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: It`s very dramatic and very traumatizing. And 4-year-olds can remember what goes on in their history, especially seeing the father in pain. And if the mother was somehow involved in this, it`s going to put her right in the middle. So this is very dangerous for a child. And, also, we don`t know what the mother`s going to do with the child, if the child (INAUDIBLE) that`s what concerns me.
GRACE: ... the relationship with these guys that would stab her husband and leave her for dead?
LUDWIG: She obviously had some relationship with them. And in some cases, when women get violent, they use men to do the dirty work for them, due to physical size or just not wanting to do it themselves.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: ... that I received -- I got hurt, and then everything was over. I came out last. I didn`t see anything else.
GRACE: A father stabbed, nearly fatally; another man dead. The objective? To get the 4-year-old daughter away. And tonight, the possible suspect: the baby`s mother. That`s right. Take a look, these two on the run, we believe with four other males.
Jean Casarez, question for Marc Klaas?
CASAREZ: Yes, I do. Thanks, Nancy. Marc, I had a question about the Amber Alert. Are there any criteria for what has to be in place in order to issue that alert?
GRACE: Can it be domestic?
KLAAS: Well, yes, there absolutely is. You have to have a child of a certain age. She certainly fits that criteria. The child`s life has to be endangered, and you need to have information that you can share with the public so they can help recover the child.
So have you suspects; you have the mother; you have the vehicle; you have a little girl; you have a dead man; and you have a father that`s been stabbed three times. And I think we have to point out that you get these little kids into Mexico and it becomes extremely difficult to recover them.
GRACE: And, Dr. Robi Ludwig, what were you saying about women getting men to do their dirty work? I mean, I can`t imagine, "Hey, can you go stab my ex?"
LUDWIG: Oh, but there are many women, they`re very angry, they`re enraged. They feel they don`t have the physical size to actually do the damage, so they manipulate men or pay men to do the job for them.
GRACE: And to Mike Brooks. Any chance of apprehending this bunch before they get to Mexico?
BROOKS: There could be, Nancy. But, again, trying to identify who these people are is going to be the most difficult part I see in this particular case. And the other thing is, we`re going to need to find out also if this woman has any kind of bank records. Does she have a cell phone account that we can try to maybe track the cell phone traffic on to exactly where she`s going? As we`ve talked about in other cases, you can track it, as long as the phone is on. And we follow the pinging, and it might lead right to her.
GRACE: Thank you, Robi and Mike. Tip line: 1-800-423-TIPS.

NCMEC Printable Poster

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)
Sanford Police Department (Florida)

CNN Transcripts

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maximilian Mazzone: custody resolved?

It was just last week I learned that Maximilian Mazzone was taken off NCMEC. It wasn't until 6-16-08 (yesterday) that I was able to come across any information as to the outcome.
As I've stated on a previous post of Maximilian, I don't know either parties involved, so I thought it only fair that since I've already listed Stephen Mazzone's website (dad's side)
I should post the site I've found written by Kathrin Mazzone (mom's side), as well.
Katrin writes the following:

Thank you for looking at my homepage. This page is set up for my son Maximilian Mazzone. He is only 16 months old and is forced to live without a mother because of an international custody battle that the US won.

My question is: Has anyone truely won in this custodial war?

Maximilian Mazzone
Maximilian Mazzone Recovered

Monday, June 16, 2008

~Donna Jou~

Donna Jou's family and friends will be gathering in front of Donna's abductor's rental home in Los Angeles, California to observe the First Anniversary of her disappearance. Your support of this cause will be greatly appreciated. Donna Jou

Many thanks in advanced,
Reza Jou (Donna Jou's dad)

Date: June 23, 2008 Time: 6:00 PM
Location: 3617 Faris Drive, Los Angles California, 90034 (Palms Area)

Missing: Jun 23, 2007
Sex: Female
Race: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Printable Poster


Donna Jou's parents get answers about her death

On Thursday, Jou's parents finally got answers to questions that have haunted them.

Burgess, a convicted sex offender, had pleaded guilty earlier this week to involuntary manslaughter and to concealing Jou's body. He agreed to meet with Jou's parents at Los Angeles Police Department headquarters.

They had little choice but to accept the story he told them about the night she died.

"I have so many whys unanswered," Nili Jou, the missing woman's mother, said as she emerged from the meeting.

Burgess, who recently completed a term for failing to register as a sex offender, has said Jou died after he gave her cocaine, heroin and alcohol at a party at his home in Palms. When he awoke the next morning, Burgess said, she was dead. He said he panicked and used his sailboat to dump her body in the ocean.

His plea bargain calls for five years in state prison; he is to be sentenced May 18.

Second Anniversary of my missing Donna
Statement to the press (23 June 2009)

Today is one of the saddest days of my life; it is the 2nd anniversary of my missing child, Donna.
Treasure within my heart has vanished, never to be seen again, feelings of loneliness,
helplessness, despair and abandonment are the routine of my life since Donna’s disappearance.
There are huge life altering problems that I have to deal with day after day for the rest of my
life and unless someone experiences it how could they possibly understand?
The fact of the matter is that Mr. Burgess’ confession served ONLY one person in this case ----
and that is Mr. Burgess himself. His confession has gained him the least severe sanction he
could possibly have received, a charge that will keep him in prison for a minimal time (5 years,
which will be 2.5 years with good behavior) only and that will, once again, provide him license to
commit whatever heinous crimes he will choose to perpetrate upon innocent victims in the

Burgess is a human predator; he will be looking for his next victim the day he walks out of

Friday, June 13, 2008

Project Jason

Project Jason is an non profit organization that has many awareness programs including: adopt a missing person, 18 wheel angels, and has recently launched the Where in Omaha? bus bench program. Providing much needed assistance for families of the missing, Project Jason promises to be an invaluable aid to missing adults as well as missing children.

Before June 13th, 2001, we were just an ordinary family living a peaceful, happy existence. My husband, Jim, and I worked outside the home, spent time with our two wonderful sons, attended Mass every Sunday, and enjoyed the company of family and friends. On that fateful Wednesday, our lives changed forever. Our family unit was brutally ripped apart when our oldest son, Jason, then age 19, disappeared without a trace from our driveway.
More about the history of Project Jason.

June 13, 2008 marks seven years since the mysterious and tragic disappearance of Jason Jolkowski, the namesake of our organization. His 27th birthday is June 24th. In honor of Jason, his birthday and his generous spirit, we are launching a fundraising campaign.

If you have an interest in missing persons, or want to know more about how you can help with Jason's 27th Birthday Campaign please take the time to browse through Project Jason.

NCMEC Printable Poster

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maximilian Mazzone Recovered

Dear Poster Partner: Maximilian Mazzone missing from Newtown Square, PA, has been recovered. Please discontinue dissemination of this poster. Your participation in this program has made a valuable contribution to this recovery. Please remove and discard any posters on this case that you have placed in public view. Thank you for your support. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
Visit our web site at www.missingkids.com.

Maximilian Mazzone
Custody Resolved?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

~Mitchel Weiser & Bonita Bickwit~

July 28, 1973: The Band, the Grateful Dead, and the Allman Brothers Band perform
for a crowd of 600,000 (larger by half than Woodstock!) in upstate New York at the Watkins Glen “Summer Jam.”

Weiser took time off from his job as a photography assistant at Chelsea Photographers in Coney Island, New York, and met Bickwit at Camp Wel-Met. Bonnie had been working that summer at Camp Wel-Met, sponsored by the UJA-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies in Narrowsburg. Both were intelligent teenagers who attended John Dewey High School, a Brooklyn alternative school for gifted students. Together they set off for the concert, which was 75 miles away. They carried backpacks, sleeping bags, and a cardboard sign that read "Watkins Glen." They were last seen hitchhiking along State Route 97. Neither has been seen since.

At first, everyone assumed the two — who had secretly exchanged wedding rings that summer — had run off to be together. But when there was no call or no letter, thoughts turned darker, to fatal accident, to murder.

Click on Mitchel's name for age progression (Printable Poster)
Mitchel Weiser

Missing: 7/27/73
16 years old
Narrowsburg, New York
D.O.B. 11/23/56
Race White
Hair Brown
Eye Hazle
Height 5' 7"
Weight 140 Lbs.

Click on Bonita's name for age progression (Printable Poster)
Bonita Bickwit

Missing 7/27/73
15 years old
Narrowsburg, New York.
D.O.B. 1/28/58
Race White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Height 4' 11"
Weight 95 Lbs.

Weiser's family has since moved to Arizona, but they keep a phone listing in the Brooklyn telephone directory since 1973 in case either of the teens decide to contact them. Years following their disappearances, Weiser's father accepted a collect call from someone identifying herself as "Bonnie." By the time the operator was able to connect them, the caller had hung up. She did not call back and has never been identified.

A Jewish Week investigation in 1998 found that police mishandled the case. Sullivan County and New York City police lost vital files and dental records and misled the families into believing they were actively investigating the case. Friends and family charged police never interviewed them. As a result there are virtually no facts about the case.

In 2000, a witness, Allyn Smith, claimed he saw both Bickwit and Weiser drown while they were on their way back from Watkins Glen. Smith, then 24, said he was also going to the Watkins Glen rock festival and hitched a ride on a Volkswagen bus and two teenagers, whom he identified as Bickwit and Weiser, were also on the bus. He did not know their names but had heard them talking about the girl's summer camp and recalled their clothing. They all stopped to cool off in a nearby river when Bickwit got into trouble in the water. Weiser jumped in to save her and they were both swept away, still alive. The bus driver told Smith he would call the police at the nearest gas station, but authorities have no record of such a call being made.
Police call Smith "credible" but wonder why, as an athletic Navy veteran, he did not try to rescue the drowning teenagers. They are investigating his account, which has not been confirmed. The driver of the bus has not been found and Smith cannot remember the location of the river the teens allegedly drowned in. As a result, his story cannot be fully investigated.

June 17, 2000, 100 members of the Class of 1975 gathered at Dewey High School on Avenue X to celebrate a reunion and to plant an 8-foot red maple tree in the missing couple's names.
The tree ceremony was "a dedication, not a memorial," because nobody knows if they're alive or dead, said Bonnie Shipper, a classmate who now lives in Mountain View, Calif.

ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT National Center for Missing & Exploited Children1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)
Sullivan County Sheriff's Department (New York) - 1-845-794-7100

The Jewish Week
The Charley Project
Dewey HS Reunion