Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maximilian Mazzone

Custody Battle Being Waged
Across theContinents
International Custody Battle

That's how the headlines read. What a gloss-over of the truth! Maximilian Mazzone was ABDUCTED! Unfortunately for Maximilian and his dad Stephen Mazzone, since the abductor is his mother instead of a stranger, there is little help available.

Kathrin Mazzone, the Delaware County District Attorney's Office confirmed,
has been charged with interfering with a custody agreement and concealing the
whereabouts of a child. They're charges the DA's office has agreed to drop if
she and the baby return to the states by April 4.
WCAU Philadelphia

I have been following this case since Maximilian first came across my desktop as NCEMC Endangered Missing
DOB: Jan 24, 2007
Missing: Jan 13, 2008
Age Now: 1
Sex: Male
Height: 2'0" (61 cm)
Weight: 25 lbs
(11 kg)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
United States

Maximilian may be in the company of his non-custodial mother. They may have traveled to Germany. Maximilian's nickname is Max.

There is a lot of 'He said - She said' feedback on the topix forum. Positive and negative comments are posted for both Kathrin(mom) and Stephen(dad). I don't know either party, so I am not writing this as a favor to a friend.

I am writing this to shed more light on a serious issue. Parental Abductions rank second in the categories of our missing children. Yet most awareness campaigns are still targeting (and spending a lot of money) on 'stranger-danger' hype.
Media usually covers the more stereotypical 'stranger abduction' ... it makes a better headline, I guess.
The largest group of missing children are runaways (598)
Second largest group is Family Abductions (94)
Non-Family Abductions pale in comparison!(3)
These are the open cases on NCMEC based on a one year April 07 to April 08 search. The other 117 missing children are divided between endangered missing, lost injured missing, missing, unknown, and unidentified case types.These last 117 are a bit misleading with the case type though, as several of these cases still involve 'friend'/family abductions.
I post info on missing children nearly every day. The reality is, a majority of our missing children are missing and abducted by either someone they know, a family member, or a parent...NOT a stranger.

Yet with these statistics, it is still sometimes difficult to get police reports filed, aide from the media, or attention from the general public. Common belief is that if a parent abducts a child, this child is probably safe. (since with a parent)

Some Effects of Family/Parental Abduction
This is NOT Love

Death of Three Siblings Abducted by Father
ABC Macon News

Police Think Father who Abducted 3 year old son is Mentally Unstable
KGW Local News

There is supposed to be another hearing in Germany soon...Good luck Max and Dad. Mom, I hope you have to foot the bill for all court and travel expenses!
Better yet, maybe Mom and Dad will realize that just because they stopped loving each other, that Maximilian still has a right to know and love BOTH parents.

No Parent should have the right to make a child disappear!
(Unless parental rights are stripped by the court)

Maximilian Mazzone Recovered
Custody Resolved?


ro said...

Max's father must be extremely heart broken and frantic to retrieve his son. The authorities are obviously not doing absolutely everything they can to help out. Sometimes legal advice can also benefit parents in this situation. You should look at this legal website that explores possible steps for parents to find their children in these circumstances.

mammabear said...

It seems that Maximilian is no longer considered missing, since NCMEC sent out letters asking that poster info be taken down. I've been digging around online, hoping to find a bit more on the case, but so far my search has been in vain. Thank you for the link!

Maggie's Rose said...

What a beautiful little boy, heartbreaking to think that he has been ripped away from his Daddy who loves him so very much!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Mammabear...

Funny said...

Before you people start posting stuff about the father get your fact straights. Kathrin was put in the hospital by this man. While she was prego he hit in the stomach and didnt want this child. Now that Kathrin wants to get away from him he is doing everything in his power to make her life hell by taking there son away from her the son he didnt want. While Kathrin was prego he was out sleeping with half the town. So before anyone feels sorry for this man learn a little about him first. For starters search his name on google his criminal record comes up.

mammabear said...


Had you taken time to read ALL my posts on this case, you would see that I posted Mom's website as well as Dads. (which allows readers to see both sides of a very sad situation)
You would also note that I mentioned that BOTH parents should consider what they are doing to THEIR child.
I am not playing the 'he said she said' game, nor am I justifying myself to someone who can't even have the common courtesy to leave contact info. This blog isn't a trash talk site like some message boards. Go back to Topix!

Dad said...

Thank you Mamabear. Truth be known when Maximilian was recovered in May he was 16 months old and two pounds under weight, he was suffering from infection due to lack of hygiene, he was unkept with long greasy hair and ingrown toe and fingernails with dirt imbedded under them, has front teeth had been chipped and he had several strange bruises. Maximilian had to undergo surgery for certain infections caused by the neglect during his time alone with his mother. If that wasnt bad enough when his mother was given the opportunity to return to the US with her son and a free pass (free airfare, all charges dropped, free housing in the US all paid for by ME his father) She chose to remain with the German man she ran off to Germany to be with. She stated in court that she would not return unless she was being paid $4500 per month. If thats not enough she was attemping to get pregnant from the time she got to Germany in an attempt to avoid a return and to collect the child money given to mothers in Germany. She showed up pregnant with twins the month after Max was returned to the US. I ask that all who read this pray for those children.

mammabear said...


Please don't misunderstand my postings.
Although Mom was in the wrong for the abduction, I STILL support Shared Parenting.
Below is a post that I left on Topix Forum:

On The Growl Reply »
|Report Abuse |Judge it! |#83 Saturday Aug 30

Neither of you 2 GET IT, DO YOU? I am refering to Mom AND Dad. BOTH of you are SO BUSY trying to teach that poor little boy to HATE his other parent...To HATE 1/2 of his own self. DON'T EITHER of you care what this will do to him when he is older? DAD! EVEN if you have custody in the US now, it's called the INTERNET!!! Why isn't your son on it, keeping up with MOM??? Yeah, I know he's young...I started teaching my son the basics of a computer at his age...a webcam, and a wave to mommy wouldn't hurt, now would it? After all, you CLAIMED that you didn't want to remove Max from her life entirely...Do you not still stand by those words?
MOM! You keep crying that you are in Germany, FORCED by the US to live without your son...YOU MADE THAT CHOICE! YOU RAN!
You were offered to come back to the US.(CHARGES DROPPED EVEN!)
THE BOTH of you PISS ME OFF! You are BOTH SELFISH!!! It's not one, it's not the other....its the BOTH of you!
Read up on Parental Alienation...the BOTH of you, because as I've been following this case, the BOTH of you are SUBJECTING your CHILD to it!!!


mammabear said...

I found this reply to my post on Topix, and think it's only fair to include this willingness on Mom's part to fix what's wrong.

Come on Dad...I'm no counselor, but I'll tell ya what, if you like, fire those money grubbing attorneys who, in the end will be the ruin of what could be a good thing, and I'll mediate for the 2 of you & Max, for free!


Kathrin Mazzone
Neustrelitz, Germany Reply »
|Report Abuse |Judge it! |#85 Monday Sep 15

Dear on the Growl,
I am Maximilian's mother. You are right in many things. I made the choice of running. A lot things happened that have been discussed a bit. I am home now. It is not that easy. I cannot just enter the US and pretend all is going to work in the favor of Maximilian. I am trying to be a good mother by not bashing anyone anymore. I was mad. Of course I was. What is happening now is that Max will be taught to hate me for sure. I loved my ex which became my fatal mistake. I will not live in the US anymore- in unpredictable environments. I am home and safe. Although I hate the fact that Max is gone and living so far away from me, I know that he too is in a safe environment. I dont like many of the people involved for obvious reasons. But, while daddy is doing whatever to tell lies about me, his American grandmother is making sure that Max is taken care off. I love him and Max has a big family. He will come to find me. What scarrs me the most is that YOU and a lot of other people are right about one thing: POOR MAX, WHEN HE COMES TO READ ALL OF THIS NONESENSE...A LOT OF HATRED AND SELFISHNESS...I thought I acted in my son's favor to take him with me, when I was trying my best to care for him in the US, when it is him, who saved me. I dont know who you are, but you are right and I hope that you will pray with me that Max will be strong to stand this through. Steve and I failed...and we continue to do so, if we dont come together as parents...
Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Maximilian was in Germany, with his mother, have a much better life!
With the family he would grow up loved and protected. His mother wanted the best for him!

Maximilian Mazzone said...

Update: Max is now 9 years old. His mother no longer contacts him via phone, email, or Skype except for the occassional birthday email. After setting up numerous times to Skype and attempting numerous times to plan a meeting with her she has lost interest in him. In her last conversation with him she stated she was too busy with her own life to keep up with him. Unfortunately Max will never feel the love of his mother. It should be noted she was given the opportunity to be with him 8 years ago, she declined then and she declines to have any relationship with him at all now.

Maximilian Mazzone said...

Update: Max is now 9 years old. His mother no longer contacts him via phone, email, or Skype except for the occassional birthday email. After setting up numerous times to Skype and attempting numerous times to plan a meeting with her she has lost interest in him. In her last conversation with him she stated she was too busy with her own life to keep up with him. Unfortunately Max will never feel the love of his mother. It should be noted she was given the opportunity to be with him 8 years ago, she declined then and she declines to have any relationship with him at all now.

matt morgan said...

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