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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maximilian Mazzone: custody resolved?

It was just last week I learned that Maximilian Mazzone was taken off NCMEC. It wasn't until 6-16-08 (yesterday) that I was able to come across any information as to the outcome.
As I've stated on a previous post of Maximilian, I don't know either parties involved, so I thought it only fair that since I've already listed Stephen Mazzone's website (dad's side)
I should post the site I've found written by Kathrin Mazzone (mom's side), as well.
Katrin writes the following:

Thank you for looking at my homepage. This page is set up for my son Maximilian Mazzone. He is only 16 months old and is forced to live without a mother because of an international custody battle that the US won.

My question is: Has anyone truely won in this custodial war?

Maximilian Mazzone
Maximilian Mazzone Recovered

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