Have You Seen Me?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Someday he'll find you ...

It is amazing how often people who are not personally involved with adoption freely give their opinions on the subject. They may not say it out loud; however, they really do consider themselves “knowledgeable.” They quickly become indignant if you even HINT that maybe there is more to adoption than they know.


In a way I can’t fault them. After all, I guess I was one of those all-wise-about-adoption people. I knew what adoption was, and how wonderful it is, and would emphatically proclaim it as a win/win situation.

And yes, it is all that.

It IS wonderful and it IS a win/win – IF, and I repeat IF
I said it is wonderful IF you are on the RECEIVING END of adoption.

Someday he'll find you ...

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