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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Happened to Reachelle Smith?

"This blog is dedicated to the mission of helping find and bringing home 4 year old Reachelle Marie Smith of Minot, North Dakota who has been missing under suspicious circumstances since May 16, 2006. I will post news articles, information, and updates in chronological order as best I can and as it becomes available. Your help, ideas, opinions and comments are welcome. All I ask is that you please exercise respect for the individual. Thank you and bless you all!"
Even though this blog has no recent entries, there is a LOT of information here. For The Love of Reachelle

False Lead in Missing Girl Case
A promising lead into the whereabouts of Reachelle Smith has turned out to be nothing.Smith vanished without a trace in May of 2006. She would be five now and authorities have not given up the search.
Minot Police detectives have been following the case for two years. Investigators say they gets leads at least once a week in this case because pictures and details circulate around the Internet.
This most recent tip comes from the Lexington, KY area.
According to reports, Sheriffs there were investigating a girl who closely resembles Smith.
Through DNA tests and pictures police were able to determine it was not her. Still, they will not give up the search.
Police say, this tip was called in by a cafeteria worker near Lexington.
KFYR TV News Stories

FBI Poster

I think Reachelle's is the first missing case I've come across, where people must have assumed it's a hoax? I have found several entries for Reachelle confirming that indeed, it is NOT a hoax. I guess not everyone knows about NCMEC after all.
It looks like those of us who blog/post for the missing really have our work cut out for us!
Urban Legends
E Rumor

Please show your support for Reachelle and for a family left with too many questions without answer, by visiting her myspace page Bring Reachelle Home

Poster and description: NCMEC

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Delilah said...

Thank you Mammbear for bringing positive attention to this little girl. It is a case with a lot of twists and turns and many questions. I hope she is found somewhere safe.