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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Be a Voice for Becca!

Let's be a voice for Becca!

Becca McEvoy was a vibrant young 9 year old when her life was lost in a car accident. She was a fighter and valiantly fought for her life for 10 days on life support. She did not win that battle.

Becca needs us to fight for her now. You see, Becca was to testify in front of a Grand Jury in Mobile, Alabama. She was bravely speaking of things which she had been threatened not to tell, but her story was cut short, as was her life. Read More

To Read Details of Becca's Case:
A victim of child molestation dies in accident before confronting molester in court.
Juror Thirteen
Scared Monkeys
Susan Murphy Milano's Journal
Women in Crime Ink

There is a list of email addresses below. It only takes a minute of your time to copy and paste your opinions and email them to officials in Alabama. Let them know you support Becca McEvoy and her family. Let them know that she has the right to a trial free from unreasonable delay. WE have to be the voice for this little victim because the laws are trying too keep her quiet, just as Bob Ingle did when he was molesting her.

Make Monday a day of protest in support of Becca McEvoy.

Alabama Governor
Bob Riley
Online Form

Jim Folsom
Online Form

Chief of Staff
Emily Thompson (Email)

Public Information Specialist
Tamara Cofield (Email)

Attorney General
Troy King (Email)
Online Form

Alabama State Senate
List of ALL Senators

* NOTE *
# Click on the Member's name to access his/her home page. Please note: E-mail addresses are provided by those Senators who have a personal e-mail address and wish such listed on their home page. We do not provide a general e-mail address for all Senators. However, constituents may easily obtain telephone and postal information necessary to contacting their Senator.

Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission


Anonymous said...

http://www.wkrg.com/crime/article/child_rape_trial_delayed/18347/]WKRG STORY

The defense is asking the case be thrown out.

mammabear said...

---"Justice delayed is justice denied again," says Rhonda Wheelus, Rebecca's cousin, who was one of several people holding signs outside Government Plaza Monday morning. "Where is the victim's rights in this. It's all about the defendant and his rights, but where are Rebecca's rights," she says.---

Sure, let's just throw this case out, Give Bob Ingle the chance to find himself another innocent victim. 10 years from now, when this has all quieted down and a new victim steps up, society can shake its sad little head saying
"Who would have ever thought?!?"
Does this kind of response not hamper victims from stepping forward to seek help?
If this case were thrown out, does this not send a clear message?