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Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Does Sneha Pierce Look Like Now?

This little girl is just cute as a button! Too bad her dad probably don't know what she looks like! So far, this is the only picture of Sneha Pierce that I can find, and it's quite outdated...since it is suspected that her non-custodial mother abducted her over 10 years ago!
NCMEC Printable Poster

Case Type: Endangered Missing
DOB: Sep 18, 1997
Missing Date: Feb 14, 1998
Sneha may be going by the last name Bunjun
Sex: Female
Race: Biracial
Age Now: 10
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 2'4" (71 cm)
Weight: 30 lbs (14 kg)
Missing: Stroud Township, PA
Missing Country: United States
Case Number: NCMI875886
(I think I've mentioned before that several family abduction cases are listed as Endangered Missing, Missing, or Lost Injured Missing, instead of familial)

Sneha was taken to the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, by her mother, Harsha Pierce. Mauritius is not a signer of the Hauge treaty, so Harsha was awarded custody. The US however, awarded custody to Sneha's father Justin.

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Judge_18015@yahoo.com said...

I am Sneha's father and I miss her very much.I never knew when I kissed her goodbye at the airport that I would never see her again.I was just permitting her mom to take a vacation with her to let her parents see Sneha.Her mother cried at the airport and didnt know how she was going to be without me.Her parents were greedy and wanted Sneha and there Daughter to stay. She was residing at 33 independence st,Vaccuas solferino,republic of Mauritius.Its a white house with pillars. Snehas grandfathers name is Jay Bunjun and her grandmother is Rita Bunjun.I would love to hear her and see her.She has a new born brother and I would like her to know we love her and that she has a family here.My email is judge_18015@yahoo.com

mammabear said...

[[[ I never knew when I kissed her goodbye at the airport that I would never see her again. ]]]

I understand what you are saying, Dad. It was the same with my 2 sons, and it haunts me every day!

I have finally made contact with one of my 2 sons, and it has been a good thing. I have recently found my second son, but he wants nothing to do with me. (for now)

People do NOT realize the dynamics involved, when a parent or other family member abducts a child.

I am not an 'expert' in missing children, nor am I a counselor...
but I AM somebody who's been there, so if you ever need someone to relate, feel free to contact me.
~prayers~ for you, Dad!


Anonymous said...

I know her! She's a beautiful girl and intelligent as well!