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Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday 4 the Missing:Bruce Falconer 1981

Sex: Male
Race: white
Age when missing: 21
Date Missing: February 20, 1981
Birth Date:July 16, 1959
Hair Color: blond
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lbs
Scars: 2 inch scar above right eye.

Clothes last seen wearing:
Pile lined blue jean jacket, tan shirt with braid trim, white corduroy jeans, and brown and white cowboy boots.

Location last seen ( city, town, county)
Bismarck, North Dakota

Bruce had been in the marines since the age of 16 and in February of 1981, Bruce was promoted to SGT. He was at home in Bismarck on leave before going to his new post in Yuma AZ. He spent time with his friends, including a grade school buddy named Tim Jewell.
Falconer and Jewell went out on the town the night of Feb 20, hitting a few bars and then went to the "Desert", an isolated spot south of Bismarck along the Missouri River, in Falconer's Chevy Blazer.
A few days later, Bruce's uncle found his Blazer stuck at the "Desert". Close by a campfire and cigarette butts were discovered. The Marines had Bruce declared dead five years after his disappearance.
There was spectulation that Bruce went AWOL, but his mother never believed that, since Bruce was happy with his military career. Also, several paychecks were left behind untouched.
It wouldn't be for another 10 + years, in 1992, that Tim Jewell's body was discovered by a hunter. His death was ruled as likely caused by exposure, according to the coroner. Bruce has never been found.

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