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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monday 4 the Missing ~ Christina Calayca

What started out as a camping trip for a small group of friends, ended in a mother's worst nightmare!
20-year-old Christina Calayca was camping at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park near Thunder Bay with her cousin and two young men.
In the early morning hours of August 6, 2007, Christina went jogging with one of the male friends in her group. The 2 parted ways somewhere along the trail in Rainbow Falls Provincial Park ... Christina never came back.

The provincial park is located on Highway 17 between Screiber, Ontario and Rossport, Ontario. This section of Highway 17 is the Trans-Canada Highway that connects Thunder Bay, Ontario and Sault St. Marie, Ontario.

The first thing I noticed upon visiting Christina's Site is her amazing smile! My mind reels in aggitation as it revolves around one thought ...

What Happened to Christina Calayca???

About 100 civilians were permitted to search through the less treacherous parts of the bush this weekend. The OPP had previously discouraged civilians from combing the park as the terrain is dangerous and the bush is dense. Police have ruled out a black bear attack, noting that while there have been some bear sightings this summer at Rainbow Falls, there have been no reports about aggressive bruins in the park adjacent to the Trans-Canada Highway. Nor do police suspect foul play on the part of Calayca‘s travelling companions, three other members of a Catholic youth group.
Week Five

About the Find Christina Calayca Group
The Find Christina Calayca Group was established in order to assist families searching for missing campers, hikers, or hunters in Canada. Our mission is to provide resources to assist with conducting private, family-led searches for loved ones who are missing in the wilderness.

Online version of Explore Magazine's article on Christina now available!
Posted by Find Christina Calayca Group:
Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The current issue of
Explore Canada’s outdoor magazine
features an in-depth, 10 page story on Christina’s disappearance.
The Find Christina Calayca Group is selling copies of this magazine. The issue cost is $4.95 and Explore is kindly donating 40% of the sales from magazines sold by The Group to the fund for Christina's search. We strongly encourage everyone to read this story.
You can buy this issue of the magazine here online.

***On Christina's site !!! NOT here on
~LostFaces~ of the Missing***

Use our secure PayPal® account to purchase a copy and have it shipped to anywhere in Canada or US
($10, including magazine cost, shipping, and handling)
Disappearance at Rainbow Trails (pdf format)

Christina Calayca Flyer (pdf format)


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Delilah said...

Great links. The "Disappearance" article is excellent and well worth the read to get a good idea of what has happened in this case, along with pictures of the beautiful place Christina was last seen.