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Friday, September 12, 2008

Identities confirmed for 2 sets of skeletal remains- NC

Two missing person's cases are solved. Bones that were found in April in a wooded area off Carolina Beach Road have been identified.

Though family members have closure, they still have unanswered questions.

Lisa Valentino, Allison Jackson Foy's sister, wants to know how Foy died. She had been missing for about two years, and her bones were one of the two sets found in the same area off Carolina Beach Road.

The other set of bones were identified in August as those of 42-year-old Angela Rothen who disappeared in 2007. A recent autopsy report shows she died from a cut throat.

Monica Caison [CUE Center] has been helping both families throughout the years solve their missing person's cases.
Caison helps families cope with the difficult process of finding a loved one.

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Identities confirmed for both sets of skeletal remains found off Carolina Beach Road

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