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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where Is Michael Tapley?

Shirley Tapley has a green, three-ring binder filled with notes, fliers and phone numbers. It’s an accumulation of some of the efforts the Mesa woman and her family have made in trying to find her 51-year-old son, Michael Tapley, who disappeared Feb. 15 after leaving work as a school bus driver in Snowflake.

Tapley’s granddaughter, Christine Tapley, and her fiance have logged hundreds of hours, thousands of miles and spoken with countless people searching in rural areas of Arizona and Missouri for clues to his mysterious disappearance.

“For probably two weeks I sat at this table with this book and this phone, calling people and taking calls,” said Shirley Tapley, the binder spread out before her.
The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office has stopped working on the case, even though it remains open. But the Tapleys haven’t ended their quest to find Michael. Read More
Mesa family can’t fathom man’s vanishing

For anyone willing, I think this may be our only hope, to get the media involved and FORCE someone to look closer at this case.
Thank you all so much!

Rick Renzi, 1st (Snowflake)Dist.,(202)225-2315
Jeff Flake, 6th Dist. (480)833-0092
(Mesa where Michael's mom, dad, brothers live)
or email from website
Greta Van Susteren ontherecord@foxnews.com
Nancy Grace email thru website at CNN.com
Atty General Terry Goddard consumerinfo@azag.gov
Governor Janet Napolitano 800-253-0883
or email thru website www.azgovernor.gov/contact.asp
AZ Republic reporter Eli Arnold
Sheriff Gary Butler sheriff@navajocountyaz.gov
America's Most Wanted, email thru website www.amw.com/contact_us/
Kansas City Star newstips@kcstar.comKTVK-TV3 feedback@azfamily.com KPHO CBS5 CBS5news@kpho.com
ABC 15 KNXV assignmentdesk@abc15.com

1 comment:

Delilah said...

I hope we can get enough exposure for this family that someone can step in and help them.

Another case of LE not stepping up quickly and acting on the knowledge of the family and those closest to the victim. This is so important!

Thanks for carrying the message!