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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Located After a 32 Year Search (A Story of Hope)

It seems we live in a time where people don't really WANT to hear good news.
Betrayal, Crime, and Murder...the more bizarre, the better. No common news, puh-leeze!
Whether it be an uplifting inspiration for others or not,
heartwarming news just don't seem to cut it in the media industry . Why?
Why is it that in general, people seem to cling to stories that scream of despair? Do we really feed on the misery of others?
Working with missing persons/children, I dig for information to help pass along. At times, I find myself on message forums. I can't help but notice page after page of comments dedicated to one missing person's case alone, on some of these boards.
Some people post in an effort to help generate awareness...some post to voice their opinion, many people find message boards a great way to offer their best wishes and prayers...and, it seems, some people post just to read their own writing. All of this is fine. It's a free country, eh?
BUT, tell me, Where is a message forum for Maxine Schleisner?
Exactly! THAT's my point.
So many offers of prayer, yet when do we take the time to post, Thanking that same God for a prayer answered?
I'm not even sure how I stumbled across this beautiful story of hope and answered prayer, but here goes:

My daughter was parentally kidnapped in 1975 by her father. We were not married. There was no formal custody at the time. In those days if you had possession you had custody. Not anymore thanks to many women like me who fought long and hard for this right. He didn't show up in court to turn her over to me as the judge would have done with the paternity papers I was holding and the fact that he paid nothing up to that point. There was a warrant put out for him. He fled to Florida from New York. He raised our daughter without me and I didn't find her for thirty two years. She is thirty five now.
Now you tell me, is this news worthy? Shouldn't this be one of those happy ending stories you like to hear about on the news? Should someone step up to the plate and say, WOW that is something great to hear about. I just need to know the truth. Is it just me or is this great news?

Testimony: The aftermath of parental kidnapping and why the media ignores it

Thank you, Maxine for sharing this more than incredible story of hope...for those who sometimes feel bogged down in a sea hopelessness.

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