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Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Evidence
~Jaliek Rainwalker~

On Tuesday afternoon, local and state police executed a search warrant on the East Greenwich home where the boy
(Jaliek Rainwalker) lived with his adoptive parents before his disappearance last November 1st.

Cambridge-Greenwich Police Chief George Bell returned from that raid with one brown evidence bag.Police won't say what this new evidence is but they will confirm that it is connected to the night Rainwalker vanished.

The search of 54 Ravens Way in East Greenwich happened just minutes after Barbara Reeley, Rainwalker's adoptive grandmother, pleaded not guilty to a charge that she entered that home without permission last week.Washington County sheriff's deputies charged Reeley with one felony count of burglary.
New Evidence

Reported by: Paul Merrill
Email: paulmerrill@fox23news.com

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