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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Message In A Bottle (Sigourney Chisholm)

(Written May 17, 2007)
As I write this it has been 14 years to the day that I last saw my daughter. As a family we continue to be committed to finding Sigourney and letting her enjoy the patriarchal side of her family. I don't, nor does any one in our family mean Patricia any harm. As The Missing Children's Society of Canada says, "Parental abduction is never about 'what's in the child's best interest.' It's always about power and misguided revenge." I am not in a power struggle with Patricia. I just want to do my part in Sigourney's life and re-acquaint her with the side of her family that she's been deprived of.In our search we have followed Patricia to British Columbia , London and Tunbridge Wells in the UK and we now believe that they may both be in Spain. We are grateful to all the people who have come forward with information and well wishes.
(Date:18 Aug 2008)
The Sigourney Chronicles, Video Blog # 2 is now out and for the first time we have footage of Sigourney with her mom, Patricia O'Byrne. Please feel free to pass this on and encourage friends to do the same. It is our hope that this "message in a bottle" can become 1,000 messages in bottles, and one of these messages finds it's way to Sigourney or someone who can help reunite us with her.
Well, Patricia, where ever you are, you're famous now - the world debut is here at last - lol.

Some of you may have seen some of this footage on THE SIGOURNEY CHRONICLES Blog # 2 which was posted to YouTube.

The point of this video is that I believe Patricia is very distinctive, her voice, her mannerisms, her appearance. If some one has come across her, they'll recognize her. If you could be so good, please pass this on to anyone you know in Canada, USA, The UK or Spain especially. These are all places Patricia has been since she left with Sigourney 15 years ago.

Myspace, Bebo, YouTube, Facebook and people like you are our best hope to resolve this case.

Any feedback would be welcome. Here's the links for the Sigourney Chronicles: Conversations from dad to daughter. #3 will feature Jesse, Sigourney's brother.



Check out this video: Video footage of Patricia O'Byrne

Thanks always for your kind attention.

Missing Sigourney


Maggie's Rose said...

14 years...such a long time...

Thanks for all you do, Mammabear!

mammabear said...

You are right! 14 years IS a long time! Especially when all Joe is asking for is to be allowed the opportunity to know his own daughter.