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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Never Forget Mya Lyons

I'm almost sure that I'd make a lousy reporter.
I can't read about the senseless murder of a beautiful, promising, 9 year old little girl, and remain objective. I find myself in tears...I can almost hear and feel moms heart wrenching cries during Mya's funeral.

Mya’s mother, Ericka Barnes, could barely make it down the aisle by herself to see her daughter who had a tiara on her head and was dressed in pink. She had pink flowers and a Barbie doll laying by her side inside of a white casket trimmed in pink.
Barnes could be heard outside of the sanctuary as she walked into Monument of Faith church where the funeral was held, stomping her feet and screaming, “No! No! My baby! No!” as “Jesus Loves the Little Children” played in the background.

As of yet, nobody is quite sure what happened the night of July 14, 2008.
Other than mentioning that this is an ongoing investigation, I don't really want to discuss the gory details. These details have already been all over the news in the last few months, so if you really need to read the details, you can google it!

The word drumming in my head right now is
justice (plural justices)
The state of being just or fair.
The ideal of fairness, esp. with regard to the punishment of wrongdoing.
justice was served
punishment of a person who wronged one
to demand justice
The civil power dealing with law.
Ministry of Justice
the justice system

Acording to family members, Mya loved math and reading, and was an honor student in her elementary school. It seems as if Mya was entering an 'in-between transition.' She still loved to play with barbies, jump ropes, and ride her bike, yet was looking forward to her first cell phone for her birthday. A birthday that was stolen!
HOW do you find justice for a young girl who's life was stolen without care?
Would a life sentence in jail bring justice to a child, who had the whole world before her?

How can an 'ideal of fairness' erase the last moments Mya's father had with his daughter?
"Richard Lyons has cooperated fully and voluntarily with the police investigation from the very beginning. He has participated, without benefit of an attorney, in several interviews with the police detectives," Blumenthal said. "Richard, as well as other family members, voluntarily gave the police DNA samples at their request."
Lyons says he just wants continue the grieving process in peace.
Richard Lyons has not been charged with any crime and police have not called him a suspect or a person of interest in the murder of his daughter.

I PRAY that this is the truth, as I am going against the seemingly standard
'make them prove their innocence, and ruin their life until then'
reporting format.

Is there a 'fair punishment' equal to the amount of pain a mother must feel, when her six year old son asks when his sister is coming home?

She has no answer when Mya's brother asks where his sister has gone or when she's coming home. She lets the 6-year-old boy sleep with the "Princess" pillow, the one with Mya's photograph on it. She winces when her son sees a toy in a store that he thinks Mya might like and pleads with her to buy it.

The murder of little Mya Lyons has affected family, friends, and communtiy. Neighbors are insecure and torn apart, not knowing who it was that committed such an unspeakable crime.

I don't think there is any amount of punishment in this world that will ever right these wrongs! I don't believe that punishment equals justice.
Punishment is just a form of resolution.
Don't get me wrong, whoever murdered Mya should pay dearly...
I'm just saying that the murderer behind bars, STILL don't tip the scales in favor of Justice for Mya.

Justice for Mya is the community becoming closer and working together to make sure this does not happen to more innocent children, instead of allowing this tragedy to rip it apart.

Afterwards, Kublai Toure, executive director of Amer-I-Can Ill., a life management skills organization, said the community needs to start talking.
"It's time to stop professional lip service and time for real action. Real men need to step up. This is our responsibility. Somebody on this block knows who did this. We have to stop this foolishness," Toure said, making his own plea for justice.

As you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner next week, please take a minute to think about Mya and her family. They have just been robbed one of their most precious gifts, and I highly doubt that Thanksgiving this year will be a festive one. As you bow your heads, please take the time to include this grieving family in your prayers.
True Justice is to

The Lyons' family started a "Mya Lyons Reward Fund" where people can donate at any TCF Bank. If you have any information on the Lyons case, please call (312) 747-8271.

Mya Lyons
Mya Lyons' family still without resolution
Mya's Dad: 'I Simply Want To Be Left Alone'
Photo: Chicago Defender

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