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Friday, November 21, 2008

Rest In Peace ~Ryan Knoedler~

It's been 20 days today since you dissappeared from us.We know that if you could you would call your Dad no matter what the circumstances were.You never picked up your paycheck,and no one has heard anything from you.We talk to your friends and your roomate and they are worried too because they know that this is not you.

I am so scared that something terrible has happened to you,we all are. READ MORE...
Praying For A Miracle

Missing Persons (missing persons craigslist)


Ryan Knoedler is STILL missing.
I need to share this Christmas Wish...

All I want for my birthday is for you to be here with us.
All I want for Christmas is you!

I am fighting the depression of the holiday's coming and the possibility that you may not be here to share them with us.
I want that more than anything in this world.
I am trying hard to be positive but at times it's so hard, the longer you are missig from us the more pain I feel.
I won't give up hope that we will see you again. I can't no matter how bad it get's at times.
The days go so slow now,the phone rings and my heart skips a beat hoping,praying that we hear your voice or it's good news about you.
But so far that hasn't happened.
You are in our thoughts and prayers along with so many other's missing and would give anything for my prayers to be answered like today but I know that everything happens in God's time not our's and I try real hard not to question God as to why,what,where. It's not always easy!
I pray that God gives me my wish and I can hug you soon.



The body of a 27-year-old Philadelphia man was found in his heavily damaged car Saturday night, more than five weeks after the vehicle apparently crashed into a deep, wooded ravine off of Route 1 in Falls, police said.
The accident victim is Ryan Knoedler of Hasbrook Avenue in Philadelphia, Lt. Ron MacPherson said.
Courier Times

I know I'm not gifted with the flowery words of poetry, and to me, starting off with something like "it is with deepest regrets" just isn't me.
I'm sorry you lost your beautiful son. Even though I'm not so good with talking, I AM good at listening. You still have my number. So, I don't care if it's 3:00 AM ... please just pick up the phone.

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Delilah said...

This mother's plea is heartbreaking. Thank you for showing how hard this season can be on those who have missing loved ones, no matter how they are missing from the lives of their family.

If everyone who reads this entry would just reach out and touch someone who is hurting this holiday, give them a hug, imagine how uplifting it could be, even if just for a moment.

Maggie's Rose said...

Peace4 Missing Loved One, Ryan Knoedler has Found Eternal Peace

Posted by Maggie's Rose on November 24, 2008 at 2:30pm

One of our Peace4 Loved Ones has been found, but it is not the joyous homecoming that we've been praying for...instead our hearts are heavy with sorrow for two of our Peace4 sisters, Jacquie and Kelly as they grieve the loss of their much loved son and brother, Ryan Knoedler.

The family and friends of Ryan Knoedler seek comfort and consolation. Lord, Please heal their pain and dispel the darkness and doubt that come from grief. We pray to the Lord…Gather them close to Your Heart, surround them in Your Love and assure them of Ryan's now Everlasting Home in the Eternal Kingdom of Peace.................................“Lord Hear our Prayer”

The challenge of Paul in Galations 6:2, “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ,” teaches us that God expects us to not only need each other but also reflect the love of Christ by helping each other. Grief is not a pathway we should attempt to walk alone. A Grieving Mother Shares Her Heart: Treasures in Darkness by Sharon Betters

Please join us at Peace4 the Missing Missing Persons Awareness and Support Network