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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forever Searching

ForeverSearching Operational Update

October saw us sending out around 11,000 emails, which is slightly down, owing to members being away on vacation or having family issues to contend with. We have just bought into an emailing program which means we can send out individual emails (not spam) at a greater rate of knots, so we would expect to see this figure of emails going out, at least double, this month.

If you've never heard of Forever Searching, I don't know what to say...
Their update and entire website is packed with helpful information, resources, and featured children. If you are interested in helping with our missing, PLEASE take the time to browse through this site!

*Day For Daniel

These are just a few of the Events, Articles, and Updates, featured on
Forever Searching!
Issue # 3 - October/November 2008


Delilah said...

This is a wonderful, global site that is doing a great job exposing missing persons cases. Thanks for highlighting what they do.

mammabear said...

To Forever Searching. I sent a short email last night. Within an hour I had a reply...by this morning, I had another reply from someone else.
I can't tell you how much just those 2 replies mean to me!
Those 2 replies say,
"Hey...thanks for looking at our site."
I can't count how many times I have written other missing children/persons sites, for information, help, or ideas, only to NOT get a reply for weeks or a month... sometimes I never heard from them at all!
So, THANK you, Forever Searching, for taking a few moments to tap out a reply...it's appreciated more than you know!