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Friday, November 28, 2008

Missing in Oregon
~Ashley & Jacob Washam~

I found this case on Myspace. This IS an official NCMEC case, with a link to the poster below the video.

Ashley & Jacob Washam
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Anonymous said...

I hope they are found, that mother has no right to take those children. I went thru a HORRIBLE divorce, my ex wiped out our savings, etc angry at me for leaving, but I said he will ALWAYS have the right to see his sons unless there is abuse or neglect.
And apparently the children go thru alot of stress being on the run, just because they're with a parent doesn't mean they're mentally/emotionally happy. Kami from Oregon

mammabear said...


YaY for you! I am glad to read that you were able to separate your feelings of divorce from those of your sons!
A lot of people don't understand the dynamics of a parental abduction, and therefore assume that if a child is abducted by a parent, that it's ok. Those people don't realize that these children are put through a lot of emotional turmoil... Lack of stability, from being on the run, lack of health care, and not being able to have/make friends are just a few of the problems these children face. Unfortunately, parental abductions have become the ultimate weapon, for angry vindictive parents, and in the end, our children will pay the price!
Thank you for speaking out, and again...It's good to read that there are still parents, who do not take their own pain out on their children!

Anonymous said...

My ex-husband took my son when he was 4, he is now 14, Ive tracked them to 4 different states, always missing them by as little as 3 weeks time. He isnt his bio dad, he falsified documents and somehow got custody, then vanished. I miss him with all my heart and live forever in pain praying he is safe.

mammabear said...


It took ten+ years until I finally located my 2 sons, so I honestly do feel your pain! I also know that the holiday season is a most difficult time do handle, so don't stop reaching out!
If you haven't already looked at any of the links on my sidebar, check out peace 4 the missing...
It's a very supportive group, so if you feel as if you are dealing with this on your own, please don't! There ARE people out there who care!
Also, I am not an expert with degrees hanging on my walls, but I have been there, and am willing to listen if you need to talk!
Ignore the link at the top of my page, I sometimes forget to check that mail. Instead you can find me at mammabear89@yahoo

I realize that it's a tough time of the year, with T-day and Christmas, so please hang in there, keep reaching out, and PLEASE check out that website...the support, help, and advice is invaluable.
Prayers to you and your son
you are NOT alone

ashleynwasham said...

Actually it wasn't horrible. this was me and my brother and I asked my mom to take us because we did not want to live with my father who took us away from her. don't believe everything you see on the Internet