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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Missing Fathers ~ Missing Children

The protesters, one of which was dressed as Plywood Man and the other clad in a red and blue Spider-Man superhero costume, were expressing their disapproval with what they perceive as Layton's opposition to divorced or separated dads having equal access to their kids.
BEACH: Bizarre protest at Layton's constituency office

Dressed up as "Cash Gordon" and "Captain Conception" Fathers 4 Justice activists, Mark Harris and Jolly Stanesby, from Devon, unfurled a banner from the top of Harriet Harman's house reading, "A father is for life, not just conception".
Fathers 4 Justice strike again!
Man held over Harman roof protest

Donald Tenn is a California father who says he “had to take action” for his young daughter Madison. He started his fourth day this morning on a wet construction crane in Columbus Ohio alone. Last night police warned of thunderstorms. John Fowler, national coordinator for Fathers 4 Justice was able to talk activist father Paul Fisher down.

Take time to read read some of the response to this on Current!

Why are these Super Hero Dads on ~LostFaces~ of the Missing? After all, obviously a lot of people know exactly where they are!
But they are missing ... from their children's lives.
Does that mean that the children are missing too? If you are following what it is I'm trying to say here, then you should be nodding your head, saying "Yeah, they are ... these children are missing from their fathers lives!"

A few months ago, I came across the site
Children Need Both Parents
From there, I started ghosting around some different sites. To be honest, at first I found some of the names quite intimidating, as I am in the same position, yet wearing much smaller shoes. (psstt...that just means I'm a chic, not a dude)
F4J~Fathers 4 Justice and
F.R.A.M.E.D. Fathers are only 2 out of many groups that are trying to take back what should never have been removed to begin with....Their right to just be a DAD.

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