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Saturday, July 12, 2008

~Sabrina Allen~

Dara abducted Sabrina from Austin, Texas in April 2002. They were located in Mexico City in June 2003 using the names Blanca Aurora Fabian Uribe and Adriana Fabian Uribe, but eluded authorities. Sabrina's hair has been cut and dyed, and her hair color has changed several times. Sabrina has lost weight and is reportedly suffering physically and psychologically. Dara is the non-custodial mother, and had supervised visitation for 6 months. She was allowed unsupervised visitation, and she fled. Dara has been diagnosed with mental health problems, and is unstable. Dara has also used the following names: Deena Marie Guerrero, Deena Marie Llorens, Deena Marie Lamont, Deena Marie Patel, Dara Marie Groves, Deena Marie Peterson, Deena Marie Green, Dara Marie Allen, Dara Marie Rose, Deena Aguilar. She has a Federal Arrest Warrant and is wanted by the FBI. Read more...

There are many computer generated/age progressive pictures of Sabrina Allen. Please take the time to view
Sabrina's pictures.
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Maggie's Rose said...

It is frightening to think of this poor child being ripped away from her custodial parent, father and basically living the life of a fugitive, evading authorities...her Dad's letter to her and the photo really make ones heart ache for them as well...

Thanks for drawing this story to our attention, mammabear!