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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Peace 4 the Missing

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I've only been a member of Peace 4 the Missing a few weeks, yet I feel as though I am at home. I don't think I've met a group of people as willing to learn and understand the confusions and pain of the 'left behind' family who is searching for their missing loved one.

Peace 4 the Missing was created by Maggie's Rose, who writes:

Can We Bring Peace?
No, we can't...In my humble opinion and own life experience, only God can do that. And sometimes, even HIS peace is not one we are capable of truly comprehending nor accepting in this life on earth.
So, why are we here then, at Peace 4 the Missing? Why do we and why should we care? Because, even if, God willing, we are "only" somehow able to bring about even one mere drop, the tiniest of sprinkle of a peaceful, even momentarily peaceful feeling to those forced to endure the anguishing pain of the missing, then it is worth it.
Read More...Can We Bring Peace?

In her spare time, (Not that I'd imagine she really has much of that) Maggie's Rose marches to the front line...gearing to save the world one person at a time. Her latest efforts were to bring about an awareness for Lisa Hatchell, whose July 19th birthday ironically coincided with the 5th year of her mysterious disappearance.

Researching on a subject that a lot of the world prefers to close their eyes to, Maggie's Roses' efforts to activate public awareness are commendable. Actively Aware.

A second member of Peace 4 the Missing that deserves a round of applause is Delilah, who says:

Not long ago Maggiesrose and I started talking about building a place where families of missing persons could come and do what they needed to do to make their life a little bit more comforting despite the pain and sorrow they have endured. We talked and talked about what to offer and just how to do it and finally came up with the premise that if we build it, they will come.

Perhaps the mailbox isn't overflowing with requests to join, (yet) but slowly people are finding their way to Peace 4 the Missing. So Delilah, you were right...we will come.

With the blog title Mothers Are Vanishing, need I say more about Delilah's passion?
Along with the efforts of raising awareness for Lisa Hatchell, Delilah has posted on missing mothers such as:
Lucely "Lilly" Aramburo
Alice Donovan
Viridian Maldonado
Unfortunately the list of missing mothers goes on. Luckily, they have warriors such as Delilah on their side!

One by one people who find Peace 4 the Missing are joining in. Some of these members speak of the unthinkable, talking of their angers, frustrations, and emptiness, to what is starting to feel like a 'family'


Delilah said...

Mammabear....to say that I am flattered would be an understatement. It is the honest, real people like you that are helping build Peace4Missing. You are helping make our dreams come true. It is truly an honor to get to know you. I only hope that together we can make so many things possible for you and all the other members. We love you all and treasure you!

Maggie's Rose said...

Mammabear...you are our gift!

I am so beyond grateful that our lives touched with yours...

I am at a loss for words, your kind, beautiful heart has really touched me...and made me cry! lol

thankful tears

Thank You for all that you do for so many! I look forward to the day when your boys can really get to know what an AMAZING, ABSOLUTE BEST Mom they have!!!