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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Now What

You've finally located a missing loved one... Now What?

The search for a missing loved one affects many people.
Parents, siblings, grandparents, children, aunts, uncles, and friends, all find their lives forever changed.
If your life has been touched by the search for a missing loved one, and you are now dealing with reunification issues...
If you find yourself asking 'NOW WHAT?'
Please take a few moments to read through this. Your comments, ideas, questions, and suggestions are more than welcome.
Often when a loved one is missing families talk about ‘just needing to know they are alive'. When the missing person is discovered to be alive much joy and relief is brought to anxious family members and friends. Yet, many discover that a number of issues surface and create friction within relationships – particularly those between the missing person and their family members and friends
You are NOT alone!
These 2 links offer confirmation that emotions can be quite confusing, once a loved one has been located...
Someone is Missing:The Reunion
The Missing Person Has Been Located...What Now? (PDF format)

Initial Reunification Tips for Parents

A child who has been missing and is about to be or has been reunited with his or her parent(s).
Vanished Children's Alliance offers some helpful tips for the initial contact.
Initial Reunification Tips for Parents (PDF Format)

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