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Sunday, March 15, 2009

~Maya & Rafael Espinosa~


As of 6/5, Maya & Rojo have been found!

Our deepest thanks to all of you who have helped and continue to help bring Maya and Rojo safely home.


Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.
On February 6, Maya and Rafael (Rojo) Espinosa were abducted by their non-custodial mother, Cindy Adler.

The police are encouraging us to cast a broad net, and we are developing a reward account for location and recovery of the children.
Missing: Maya and Rafael (Rojo) Espinosa

By Rubn Rosario
"Having the kids gone has turned our family's world upside down, and it is the most horrible thing I have ever gone through, and I don't wish it on any parent," said Espinosa, 38, of St. Paul.

On Feb. 6, Cindy Kaye Adler, 34, picked up 9-year-old Maya Espinosa and 6-year-old Rafael "Rojo" Espinosa as part of her every-other-weekend visitation rights.

They have not been seen or heard from since and are now the subjects of a national and international search involving St. Paul police, the FBI and federal marshals.

"We believe they are no longer in the state," said St. Paul police spokesman Peter Crum.

Authorities so far have learned that Adler, who has relatives in Wisconsin and Winona, Minn., dyed her hair and similarly altered her children's appearance. Among leads is a tip she may have sought refuge somewhere in Missouri.

Adler and Espinosa had a common-law relationship and parted ways after the second child was born. Adler had custody of both children until Espinosa took her to court in 2005 for deprivation of parental rights. READ MORE...
St. Paul dad waits for word on kids, allegedly abucted by mom

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