Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Happened to
~Damien Nettles~

I came across this video of Damien Nettles by following up on a Myspace comment, written by Joe Chisholm.

I was thinking of the tragedy of this case just recently. Anniversaries are excruciating and it is small comfort to families that others know what they are experiencing right now. My family doesn’t know the words either, that would help assuage ambiguous grief but we understand...

Damien Nettles was last seen in the Cowes area of the Isle of Wight on 2nd November 1996.Damien was 16 years old when he was last seen. He was described as 6'3 tall, slim build with brown hair shaved at the back and brown eyes. He was wearing dark fleece jacket and dark blue jeans and black boots. The above photographs show him aged 16 years old and also age progressed to how he may look in his 20's. Police are particularly keen to identify people that were in Yorkies chip shop on the night of Damien's disappearance as per link below:

Printable PosterDamien Nettles Homepage
Missing! Damien Nettles(Myspace)

NPIA Missing Persons Bureau on 0808-100 8777
Hampshire Constabulary (ask for Operation Ridgewood)
on 0845 045 45 45
Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


Anonymous said...

I am Damien's mother, thanks for putting this out there on the web.

mammabear said...


I pray that you and your family find the answers you need and deserve.
No parent should wake every day, wondering where their child is!
I know that the years gone by does not make the disappearance of Damien any easier to accept.

I see that Forever Searching has information about Damien posted in a lot of places...
Forever Searching is a dedicated, hard working group, that seems to be an awesome blessing for left-behind families!
If you have other articles or info you want posted around, please never hesitate to let me know.

Damien & family