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Friday, December 19, 2008

~Beth Doe~ Dec. 20, 1976

This December 20th will be 32 years since the discovery of 'Beth Doe.'
Somebody somewhere knows something!
Warning! This case is rather graphic.

'Jane Doe' was located on December 20, 1976 in White Haven, Carbon County, Pennsylvania
An artist for the Pennsylvania State Police drew this sketch of 'Jane Doe' shortly after she was found along the banks of the Lehigh River.

Estimated Age: late teens to early 20s
(year of birth 1954-1960)
Approximate Height 5'4"
Weight 130 - 150 pounds
Dentals: X-rays are available.
She had fillings and there were some teeth missing.
Fingerprints: available
DNA - Available
Blood Type: O
Clothing: none

Distinguishing Characteristics
medium length, natural (not dyed) brown hair. Brown eyes. Small circular mole above left eye, mole on left cheek. 5 1/2" scar on left leg, just above the heel. No previous fractures. She may have been of Mediterranean heritage.
Estimated time of death: 7 to 24 hours prior to being found.
Cause of death: she was strangled and then shot in the neck.

She had been carrying a full-term, white female fetus. The remains of the fetus were also found at the scene. It is possible that the moles on her face developed at some time during her pregnancy.

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