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Thursday, May 1, 2008

~Cold Case Cards~
Poker with a Twist

I've played my fair share of poker back in 'the day.'
Everything from 7's & Jacks to Stud. It's a great way to pass some time. There are so many variations of poker that I didn't think it possible to invent a new game.

Tommy Ray, in Polk County Florida, proved my theory wrong by developing his own deck of cards for a 'newer' game that I'll call "Cold-Case Recognition"

Now, an updated version of Tommy Ray's deck of cards are being distributed throughout prisons in Florida. Each card has a photograph and facts about an unsolved homicide or missing person case.

There are two decks of cards that profile 104 of the coldest murder cases in Florida. There is a third deck in the process of being produced. Besides the photographs and facts on each card, the Crime Stoppers toll free phone number is listed.

The first decks were distributed in the summer of 2006 and produced 66 tips. As a result, two murders were solved and others are in process and no longer considered cold cases. Florida’s success thus far, with the cards, has encouraged numerous cities around the country – San Diego, CA; Kansas City, MO; and Odessa, TX – to create their own decks and distribute to their respective local prisons.

Slowly these Cold Case Decks are finding their way into prisons, across the nation...
Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon and Wisconsin are a few of the states now using these playing cards.

Glenn Pillman, 41, of Green Bay, Wis., said he hopes the cold-case card featuring his sister Judy Pillman will lead to a clue to help solve her murder.

Judy Pillman, 24, disappeared Oct. 16, 1986, after she had been dropped off for a Denver Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. She never went to the meeting, and her body was discovered by a fisherman 10 days later on the west side of Chatfield State Park. She had been shot to death.

"I think whoever came up with the idea of the cold-case cards was brilliant," Glenn Pillman said. "Whatever exposure we can get out there will help. Maybe it will trigger something."

Pillman was a teenager when his sister was murdered.

"I remember her as a kind, sweet-hearted person," he said. "She was my sister. I feel like it's my responsibility to bring justice."
Colorado inmates dealt cold-case cards to solve crimes

Let's hope that these cards actually help solve some of these cold cases...
There are too many victims and left-behind families, that deserve answers & justice.

Source link Prison Playing Cards is no longer available

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