Have You Seen Me?

Monday, March 19, 2018

Have You Seen Me? There's An App For That!

As I update this mess of a blog, Have You Seen Me? is one campaign that I plan to revive, especially since it coordinates with NCMEC. I had been featuring 'Have You Seen Me?' as they arrived in my mailbox on the back of RedPlum.

Upon investigation, I have learned two things this morning.

1) Valassis' RedPlum is re-branding to RetailMeNot Everyday
NCH Marketing Services, Inc. and Clipper Magazine are Valassis subsidiaries, and RetailMeNot Everyday™ is its consumer brand. Its signature Have You Seen Me?® program delivers hope to missing children and their families.
Valassis and RetailMeNot Partner to Form a New Consumer Brand Experience
2)  The Have You Seen Me? campaign picture, shown on the back of RedPlum, has an app.
The app is designed to work with RedPlum® or Clipper® mailers. Launch the app on your device and follow the onscreen instructions to get started.
Have You Seen Me? Help Center

On the help center website linked above, RedPlum does acknowledge the fact that they are moving coupons to RetailMeNot Everyday, so hopefully the Have You Seen Me? app will transition smoothly.