Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Child Charity Finds Missing Kids Online


Felicia said...

Keep up the good work man, I am loving it! I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to,thx for this!


mammabear said...


Thanks for stopping by, and thank you SO much for the positive comment.
I appreciate it a lot.

HOWEVER, I can hardly take a lot of credit, as there are SO many people who work hard to help promote awareness of missing children & missing persons.

There many different groups, organizations, and 'loners,' who work hard to help bring them home.
Too many for me to even begin to list.
(I attempted it once on a different post, and quickly realized that it would be an awful long post!)

But if you're ever interested, just Google 'organizations that help missing persons'

I can't say that I've dealt with EVERY group listed, but over the years, I've either written to, read about, blogged, or 'joined forces' with quite a few of the ones listed.

**** As with everything else online, always do your homework and use caution when dealing with people/online organizations that you don't know. Scammers target families of missing people too! :/

Anyway, thanks again for dropping me a line.
Take Care!