Thursday, August 13, 2009

~Celeste Christianssen~


Celeste Christianssen missing from Claremont, CA,
has been located.


Willows police aid in search for missing girl
Wednesday, Mar 18 2009
By Rob Parsons/Staff writer

Willows police officers joined the search last week after Franco said she was told Celeste was likely hiding with the boy's relatives in Willows. Officer Kelly Meek said police were unable to locate the girl.

Franco said she is concerned her daughter is now being held against her will.

"She hasn't even contacted her friends or anyone," Franco said.

She said the boy has a long, violent history and she is frightened for her child's safety.

She worries her daughter is not safe. She worries her daughter is scared or cold or alone or worse, she said.

"It's hardest for us at night," Franco said. "That's when I feel like I'm ready to just break down."

There are many people and organizations who dedicate themselves to missing children/persons, and that should never be overlooked...
But occasionally I notice someone 'new.' Someone who heard of one case in particular, and just kind of jumped in there.
So I'd like to give a shout out to LiL JQ on Myspace, for designing the above banner for Celeste. Thank You!
*The banner is no longer available, since Celeste has been located*

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