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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Missing ~ Fenella Patton ~ PA

According to the **comment section on this news article, it looks like another BABY caught in the middle of a sick, twisted,
He said ~ She said game!
Come on you 2! LOOK at this beautiful little girl!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 2:47 PM EDT

COATESVILLE — Police are searching for a man after he allegedly left the state with his 1-year-old daughter during a child-custody dispute.

Police said Joshua Patton, 30, of Gap, and his girlfriend, Randelle Rowe-Robles, 19, of Honey Brook, who is not the child's mother, fled with his daughter, Fenella Patton.

Police obtained an arrest warrant charging Patton with interfering with custody and concealing the whereabouts of a child. Read More...
Missing baby has police seeking Joshua Patton

**OK. A few hours ago there WAS a comment board up!


Delilah said...

Let me get this straight in my head! This guy had an abuse count against him, he had guns and bullets near the crib, he was arrested for a drive by shooting, has a mental disability that could make him violent.....and the courts ordered her to allow him visitation? She was being compliant with the court order by leaving the child with him....something is terribly wrong...

Please let me know if I am not seeing this situation for what it is! I totally understand visitation rights, but if this guy isn't a case for SUPERVISED visitation, I don't know who would meet the requirements.

I hope this child is found safe and this guy is put behind bars.

mammabear said...

I'm not sure if you had a chance to read any of the comments from the article, before they were all deleted(?)

But A question asked several times was "Why isn't this baby on an AMBER ALERT?"

mammabear said...

Aside from what you've already pointed out, what I find disturbing is the fact that this little girl has been missing since October 5th. It appears the mother waited an extra day to actually report Fennella as missing, yet it's now the 15th, and so far I can only find ONE article about this baby! It seems she's not even entered into NCMEC as of yet.

[Next the mother sought assistance from various police departments, but jurisdictional issues ultimately led her to Coatesville police because she lives in the city.

"This case became a criminal matter when we were able to determine that Mr. Patton left the state of Pennsylvania with the child and failed to return her after an extended period of time," Coatesville Detective Kevin Campbell said."]

This kind of reminds me of little Jessica Vargas Biatriz the mother abducted this child at gunpoint, and STILL no amber alert. As far as I know, this little girl hasn't been recovered as of yet.

mammabear said...

correction for Jessica Biatriz, she was abducted at knife-point...not a gun.

Delilah said...

It seems that it is another case of a parental abduction, and, correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that in cases like this there isn't as much urgency as with stranger abduction. What are the "rules" for getting an Amber Alert when this happens? Something to look into today!!

mammabear said...

LOL Delilah...you sure know how to pull me out of a 'slump'
Now I'm ALL fired up! I guess by the time you find this comment you will see my post on Amber Alert Criteria.
I basically knew the requirements, but had never read the 'official list' until today...GRRRRRRRR!!!

Anonymous said...

ok for anyone who cares that little girl was safe, her father is not a bad man , the mother of the child made him look bad . the guns were near the crib for months before she left him for another man . so why ddint she say that ? how bout innapropriate behavior from the mother . if anything both parents dont deserve the child . if yall think he is so terrible .he only cared about the safety of his dughter after finding bruises on her ...